At 7

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At 7
Mommy and daddy fought a lot
All day and night
They would never stop.
At 9
Mommy and daddy started to punch
After I went to bed
Noise was made, a whole bunch.
At 11
Mommy and daddy got taken away
I kept thinking
I'd see them the next day.
At 13
Mom and dad were long gone
I guess my earlier assumptions
Were all wrong.
Now I'm 15
My new parents are nice
The only problem is
They don't treat me right.
I'd Like to stay up in my room all day
But my foster parents get their way
They like to hit and push me around
I don't think they know they could end up downtown.
So tonight i'll call CPS
And watch them be under arrest
I'm tired of my life not being right
I'm reading to open the doors and see the light.

(If you haven't noticed most if these rhyme. And if anyone reads these and wants to talk just comment and I'll give you my kik)

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