Happy poem

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Apparently girls have to be
Skinny when they grow up
Little do people know,
They'd have to throw up.

Skinny was the only way
To be considered pretty
It gets you all the guys,
Be loved from city to city.

You'd have everything
Have tons of riches
It'll be a dream come true
You'd have no more wishes

But not everyone's skinny
But everyone's pretty
No matter what your size
No matter what your city.

Don't let people tell you how to be
Because one day a guy will see
How perfect you are everyday
He'd see all your flaws and love them
In every way.

There's someone out there
Who will really love you
And when you find them
Your dreams will come true.

(Happy poem! I thought you guys would like some happiness since some people are starting hell soon [school, ew]. This is for the girls who think they aren't good enough if they aren't skinny. Just sorta like a big "fuck off" to those girls who think they're all that bc they are skinny. Well I hope you like it! Thanks again for all the reads.)

And btw I'm starting school this Monday so I won't post a lot, even though I already don't post alot. But you never know, school could give me some inspiration. Haha.

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