July 22, 2015

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you probably aren't the same person you were last year, and the odds are I'm not either. we live on a giant rock in a galaxy, that orbits the sun, forever rotating and changing, and with each revolution, it gets farther away from the rock it originally was... so why would I expect you to stay the same?
it's been half a revolution since the last time we've spoken. does that mean you're half the person I knew? or are you completely different?
I know that when everything is happening you don't notice yourself changing and growing into the person you are now, but when you look back you realize all the layers you've shed and all the phases you went through; all the people who have come into your life, those who have stayed and those who have drifted away, you realize those who have had an influence on you, whether it was good or bad. you notice how you have improved. with each downfall, heart break, bad score on a test, that in the moment meant everything to you, now mean barely anything. looking back you can see that you have gotten over it.
with each rotation of the earth, each revolution about the damn star that helps differentiate day and night, you are forever changing. growing. becoming who you're meant to be. it's been half a revolution since we've last talked and hope to god that you aren't the same person I knew. I hope you're better.

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