July 21, 2015

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July 21, 2015
I go back to Florida in three days. I've already been in new York for five weeks but time really does fly.

the leaves on the trees are moving in the wind; a breeze I know I'll never get in central Florida. with the front door open I can hear the cars pass by and the birds chirping. it's so peaceful. I don't want to go.

if I could live in a northern state for the rest of my life I would. the seasons and the actual cool weather are what makes me happy.

I've loved this town for entirely too long. I lived here for three years about eight years ago and I visit summers in between. this town is small, the type of small where you know everyone around.

you know who comes and who goes, who returns. I'm the one that returns. each year looking different than the next because I grow and I change, like I'd assume everything else would, yet each time I come back the people I grew up with have gotten taller and thinner or thicker, but this damn town stays the same. maybe that's what I like, the reassurance that even though I've changed I know this town has stayed the same, and maybe that's the bad part; this town will never change.

I suppose that it's a good thing that I don't live here anymore. my mother told me once that there was no hope for me in a town like this. I guess she was right. the closest known City is probably Syracuse. good luck being recognized for anything other than lacrosse or some other sport. lord knows I want to be known. that wouldn't have happened here.

but I love this damn town. I love the sense of stability and the family vibe that I feel. but thank god I left and only return for summers. I wouldn't have changed here.

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