There was this girl.

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There was this girl
She had the prettiest eyes,
Had a beautiful figure
But she still cried
She lived on my block
And she rode my bus
We didnt talk
But I thought we must (wtf)
She had a boyfriend
Who didn't treat her right
She'd come home with bruises
Every night.
I wish I could've told her
My feelings before it was to late
But she would never go with me
On a date.
Well this was 3 years ago
Believe it or not
She was beaten,
And her boyfriend was caught
I could've helped her
I saw the mister
But thanks to all that
I married her sister.

(Hey, hello. Lol if there's anything you want me to write about comment or message me(: haha thanks for all the reads. I love you guys for that. Okay byee)

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