August 19, 2015

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August 19, 2015
it's thundering and lightning outside, but it isn't raining because I supposed that passed 30 minutes ago. the lights are out in my room except for my Christmas lights, not because the loss of electricity but because it feels good to be in the dark sometimes. You by the 1975 is playing, but the part where it's quiet in between the first and second part of the song. The speaker I received from a previous boyfriend is making crackling noises, but once the music starts again it'll be okay.
This time last year I was dating a boy I loved and was preparing for school. I was listening to the same album I'm listening to now, since The 1975 have always had a way of making me feel alive. I was sad and I probably had my lights on. i was always sort of afraid of the dark, but now, a year later things have changed. It's 8:33 and I can hear thunder softly under the sound of the second part of You. I feel alive while looking at the ceiling and seeing the lightning flash from my window and having such familiar vibes flow through my body from the first time I heard this song. I've changed my room around since last year but the music is the same. everything is different, but everything is good and I'm happy.

8:35 pm

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