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the beginning of Christmas season is right around the corner, it officially should start on Black Friday but we all know that Santa's jolly spirit is creeping up closer and closer each year.
people get more greedy while the smell of cinnamon fills every supermarket and department store. parents will do anything to get their kid the latest new toy on the market. you can almost hear Mariah Carey hit the high notes in "all I want for Christmas" over the sounds of moms yelling at cashiers to accept their coupons.
beggars sit on street corners expecting some generous donations from people with more spirit than others; children have fundraiser forms selling cookie dough or cheap wrapping paper. fire warms the homes of houses all over the world while families decorate the trees.
when the families go to bed on the 24th of December, children dream of the next morning, some too anxious to sleep. mothers and fathers put presents on the mat under the tree.
sounds like a wonderful commercial Christmas to me.

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