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There was a boy who works with me.
His eyes were so beautiful.
If you were to tell me I was dreaming I would believe you, because no one as perfect as him belonged on a place like earth.
He was always late to work with the smell of cigarettes on his clothes.
He had tattoos all around his body.
But to me he was still perfect.
One day he didn't show up to work.
Another week passed by and no sign of him.
I thought he had quit.
But the boss called me in to tell me the news.
That boy that I watched at work.
The one that I thought was perfect was found hanging in his closet.
with a letter to his family, friends.
Most importantly one to me.
Apologising for never talking to me,
For never making an effort.
he wanted me to know that I was perfect.
It was all to soon
But now he's back at his home
Hopefully happy
Where all the angels roam

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