Hopeless but Hoping

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and I just hope
that one day
you'll be happy.
you look at yourself
and smile.
your scars won't be there
and you'll love yourself
more than you ever thought.
it's hopeless
but I'm still hoping.

*Authors note

100th chapter/entry thingy!!!

I love all the support you guys provide, it's amazing. I love each and every one of the people that follow/read this book. in the beginning I was scared to start making this because I thought no one would read them except for my friend, but about 5 months later I'm at 80k reads. That's Fucking amazing if you ask me.

so once again, thank you guys. if you ever want to talk my kik is on my message board and I'll always respond.

Also don't forget that you can recommend topics or little ideas of things you want me to write about (:
ily guys *

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