July 1, 2015

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I suppose we were different after all.
we were very very different. not the type of different that attracted each other, maybe in the beginning, but after opening our eyes we both saw how different we were... and what a sad thing that was. I wish that..
I'm not sure what I wish. I don't wish that we would've noticed that sooner and I don't wish that we never would've noticed at all... I guess I wish that we could've gotten over our differences and made similarities..

you're not all that I've ever wanted. you were for a while, but as time passed and we both changed into who we're becoming, there has been things that came and went that had characteristics of things that I've wanted... you so far are the person who had most of the characteristics. you continue to be the one with the most characteristics. I don't care how many times my mother will try to hook me up with my brothers friends, people from work, neighbors or her friends' kids; for some reason, they'll never compare to you. not in the physical sense because that's not all I'm consumed in.. in the sense that i felt, that no matter how different we could be, we understood what we were saying. almost as if my soul has been calling out for someone or something for so long, and your soul answered that call.

now that you're gone my soul is calling again.. I'm afraid you don't hear it though. I am homesick for a home that was never four walls and a roof... I'm homesick for you.
6:43 - 6:52 pm

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