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I used to wait every night
for 11:11
so I could make a wish
on something that would never
have the possibility of coming
I used to wait
everyday just to see you
around school or town
and try to talk to you
but you never
liked me anyways.
it's now 11:12
and I don't want to rewind time
to try to make a wish.
today I went outside
and I didn't even try to find out
where you were.


yet again another 11:11 poem thing.
I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while guys, it's sorta hard to think of things to write about. plus, I'm actually sorta busy.
don't forget guys, I love you all and hope you guys are doing well. stay strong and thanks for all the support. (:

question of the week:
what is your 11:11 wish?

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