Author's Update!!

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Hi guys! I told you I'd be keeping in touch, so I'm going to touch base with you guys and let you all know what I'm planning to do! 

For the past week I've just been re-reading old chapters and trying to refresh my memory and get back into the spirits of writing. Then I realized how awful some chapters were... (Keep in mind I started this story two years ago when I was 14, I'm 16 almost 17 and I've matured a lot in my writing) SO I'm going to place this story on hold (As well as The Marine's Daughter) and focus on fixing this up and finishing it. I hope you guys can understand. 

I'm not quitting! I really just need to take some time and just fix this large mess I've created lol. I don't know how long this is going to take.. but I'll keep you all updated. 

In the mean time, I'm not completely taking the story down, it'll be up for those of you who do want to re-read or anything. (I've gotton a lot of messages from fans telling me they have) 

I love you guys so so much and your support/votes/comments mean everything! Message me or post a cooment on my board if you have and comments or concerns about anything, or want an update on how the editing process is going! 

Thank you guys for stucking with me for so long. I'm sorry to dissapoint you all, but I need to do this to invest myself back into the story. 

~Julianne <3

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