Chapter 25

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For about a month I avoided Ashton as much as I could. We caught each other’s eyes once in a while in class or in the hallway when we passed each other. I received many phone calls and text messages from him asking to talk and apologizing about Chelsea, but I really didn’t want to hear it. Chelsea decided to go out of her way and make my life hell. She was always somewhere with her little squad laughing or making fun of my outfit. I just ignored her as best as I could and just walked away.

I told Taylor what happened and how Ashton and I skipped. After he heard about Chelsea coming in he shook his head and looked a bit pissed. He understood why I was mad but just told me to forget it. Apparently Chelsea is Ashton’s ex and she still is trying to get him back.

It was hard always seeing him around. Taylor didn’t help much either with all the parties he threw at the house. If he wasn’t throwing a party, Ashton came over to work on ‘projects’ or ‘homework’. On those days I went over to Grace’s house to hang out with her and Carson.

It was getting close to Christmas and Grace and I decided we would go to the mall to get some holiday shopping done. Currently we were driving in the parking lot trying to find an open space.

“God I hate this mall!” Grace said in frustration.

Laughing silently I shook my head and looked out of the passenger window searching for a spot. “Well I mean we could just go home if you want.”

“No way!” Grace said, “I’m determined to go to Victoria’s Secret and take advantage on their PINK sale going on.”

“Grace over there!” I shouted pointing to an open spot. Grace gunned the car over and parked the car as fast as she could without anyone else taking it.

“Finally.” She said turning off the engine. “Let’s go.”

We made our way into the mall and started going in and out of shops. Dad had called last weekend saying that he gave Taylor and me some money to spend for gifts. We usually only talked through e-mail or text messages whenever he had the time and service. Hearing his voice through the phone made me realize how much I really missed him.

Grace and I walked into American Eagle to get some things for Carson.  “I think I’m going to get him this shirt.” She said holding up a blue and white stripped long-sleeved top.

I nodded my head, “Yeah I think he’ll like that. Do you think I should get him this sweatshirt?” I said pointing to one on a hanger.

“Yeah, sure.” She said and walked over to the girl’s side of the store.

Picking up Carson’s size I glanced through more of my men’s stuff and picked up a couple of sweaters for Taylor. After I walked over to where Grace was and picked a few things up for myself. After we paid for our items we walked over to the food court to pick up something to eat.

“I love Christmas.” Grace said once we sat down at a table.

“I know I do too.” I said taking a bite or my Chinese. “I remember I was little my dad would drive us around at night to see all the lights put up by our neighbors.”

“We did that too.” She said smiling. “I still need to buy you a present.” She commented looking over to her bags that were piled up onto the chair next to her.

We had gone to at least ten stores about bought something for someone. I never realized how many friends I had until the holidays came.

“I do too. Do you want to split up after were don eating and then I’ll just meet you at your car when were done?”

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