Chapter 12

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Ashton looked at me wide eyed with his mouth dropped open. Before I actually could give him a good look he rearranged his expression back to his normal cocky grin. “I was just testing you out.” He said and grabbed another ball from the mesh sack holding about eight more. Ashton placed the black and white soccer ball between us, and I leaned over, placing my hands on my knees. Ashton did the same and we looked into each other’s eyes waiting for coach to blow his whistle.

Coach finally blew it, and Ashton took the ball dribbling it between his feet and towards the goal. Ashton was fast but I ran a tad faster. As he was about to kick it into the goal, I blocked it with my foot and kicked it across the field. I ran after it with Ashton on my tail, after I was about ten feet away for the goal I kicked the ball as hard as I could.

It flew into the air, soaring until it hit the net of the goal. I was surprised I had actually made it seeing that Ashton had stopped abruptly, toppling over me. I fell onto the ground smashing my head into the Earth. Ashton pulled off of my and onto his back facing the sky.

“How the hell did you do that?” Ashton asked.

I got up rubbing my head and shrugged my shoulders. “Instinct?”

“Psh, sure right. Sorry I didn’t mean to run into you,” he started, lifting himself up from the ground and holding out a hand for me to take, “but you stopped so suddenly that I didn’t notice.” He finished. I gladly took his hand and he lifted me up. I brushed my hands against my back and my butt to make sure I got all of the dirt left over.

“It’s fine.” I said rubbing my head. I guess I really hit it hard since it was starting to pulse.

“You okay there Hillary?” Taylor asked, jogging over to me.

I gave him and incredulous look, “Yah, fine. I just hit my head hard that’s all.”  I haven’t received this much attention from Taylor in a while. And, I was actually enjoying his concern.

Taylor turned to Ashton, “I think she’s done dude. She’s totally worn out and Coach wants to get started with practice. Maybe we could do this again sometime.” Ashton nodded his head in agreement and grabbed the balls from the field and put them under his arm, while walking back to the bench and taking a seat.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Taylor asked. I nodded my head and pulled off my t-shirt. I was wearing a sports bra, and for the fall, it was really warm out. “Whoa Hills, look at your stomach.” Taylor said.

I looked down to see that it was still red, but a burse was starting to form in the area I was hit. “Huh, would you look at that.” I said rolling my eyes and walking to my bag to stuff my shirt in it.

Taylor followed behind me laughing and talking to some of the guys. “Good game.” Ashton said as I drank some of the water from my bottle. Keeping my head tilted back and my bottle up in the air I said, “Same to you, but we’ll have to finish sometime.”

Ashton nodded his head. And I grabbed my bag swinging it onto my back and took a seat next Ashton, crossing my legs and arms as I watched the boys lining up and getting ready for some drills. Then it dawned on me, “Hey how come your not on the field?”

Ashton raised an eyebrow at me and his face got hard. “I got into a fight, and was suspended from the team for two weeks. I’ll be back on the field Monday.” He said looking out onto the field. I sensed it was a touchy topic since he look pissed off about the whole thing. Then I remembered that one day where a fight in the hallway broke out.

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