Chapter 20

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“Hey where’d you go?” He asked sleepily.

“Nowhere important.” I said quietly grabbing a bottled water.

Taylor looked at me, his eyebrows in a frustrated line. “You seem upset. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” I said taking a long sip of the water. “I’m going out with Grace so I’m going to have to car. I need some girl time. Plus you look like hell. You should shower and go back to bed.” With that I walked away.

“Hill, stop.” Taylor said grabbing my arm. “What’s wrong? You never want to go out with Grace for ‘girl time’.” He stated. Which was true…I always turned her down.

I looked up at him. I didn’t know what to tell him. It was stupid anyway; it shouldn’t have bothered me as much as it is. It was Ashton. A popular senior who was incredibly good looking and probably had better things to do than hang out with a girl like me.

 An outcast.

“It’s fine Taylor. I just want to get out.”

“Okay…but I need the car by five. I have a date with some chick.”

I rolled my eyes, “The least you could do it remember her name Taylor.” I muttered and slammed the door shut.

Part 20:

Annoyed as I was, I decided to go to the mall by myself. I didn’t feel like dealing with Grace’s nagging. I’d rather a day to myself. As I arrived, I parked the car and walked into the mall, grabbing a few accessories and a few jackets along with some tops. Trying them on, I decided to buy a full outfit to wear back to school Monday.

After about three hours at the mall I went home, took a shower and started my homework when the doorbell rang. Getting up from the couch I went to answer it, seeing Grayson there with his crooked smile.

“I’m here to cheer you up, Taylor called me earlier saying that you needed some Grayson magic to make you happy so here I am at your service.” Grayson explained walking his way into the kitchen.

“That’s sweet,” I said giving him a small smile, “but I’m okay. I’m finishing up some homework for Monday and then I was going to order a pizza and go to bed.”

Grayson sighed shaking his head, “Not until my job here is done.”

I sighed, “Okay, well then how does pizza and a movie sound?”

“Sounds great!” Grayson said enthusiastically.

Thirty minutes later Grayson and I were sprawled out on the couch watching some action movie while eating pizza and ice cream. I called Grace and asked her to join us, which she did.

“Ashton Kutcher is so hot. I thought I’d just add that in.” Grace commented as we watch him jump out of a glass building. 

Just what a coincidence that the main actor name had to have the same name of the boy that I currently hating…

Grayson scoffed, “Not even! Angelina is one hundred percent hotter.”

“Liar!” Grace countered.

Why would Ashton just ditch me like he did today? I didn’t do anything. He probably had some type of family emergency. That happens all the time. Right? Or possibly he just forgot. People forget things all the time. I know I do. Part of me wishes he’d call, or randomly pop over just to say he was sorry that he didn’t show up today.  I knew he wouldn’t but still I wished.

“Hello? Hills, you there?” Grace asked, waving her hand in front of my face.

“Yeah,” I said clearing my throat. “What was your question?”

“We were wondering who you thought was hotter. Angelina or Ashton?” Grayson repeated.

“Ashton.” I said.  My eyes widened with how fast I’d replied.

Grace jumped up in excitement. “Ha! I told you!”

Shaking my head I got up and took our dishes from the coffee table and stuck them in the sink to clean later. After they were in there, I refilled my drink and plopped back onto the couch to enjoy the rest of the movie.

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