Chapter 31

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I KNOW I OFFICIALLY SUCK. I'm sorry this took forever and a year but I have been so busy that I haven't had the chance to write. I hope this chapter makes up for it though! 


Chapter 31 

The rest of the week passed by uneventfully; Taylor and I spent most of our time home instead of going out with friends like we originally planned so we could be around Dad. The break had been relaxing so far; a big change from our usual hectic schedule.

Today was New Year’s Eve and I was more than excited to see Ashton. I got a text from him late last night saying that he made it home safely and that he would be here at eight to pick me up and to speak to Dad.

Grace came by earlier in the day to approve of my outfit for the party tonight. She insisted on having me wear something that was sexy but elegant at the same time, so I chose a black sequined dress with one long sleeve that went down my right arm leaving the left arm and shoulder bare. The dress hit mid thigh and hugged my body in all the right places.

I kept my make-up light and my jewelry simple; I wore Ashton’s necklace around my neck and a pair of faux diamond studs in my ears. To complete my outfit I wore a pair of three inch fire red heels that matched my red lipstick. Overall, I felt pretty, which wasn’t something that I feel all the time.

Hearing the door bell ring pulled me out of my trance and I walked over to my bed, smoothing down the invisible wrinkles on my dress and grabbed my clutch that carried my phone, lipstick, my house key and some extra cash just in case of an emergency.

I supposed Taylor answered the door because I heard a lot of commotion from downstairs. Taking a deep breath I gave myself one more check of my outfit before carefully walking down the steps to make sure I didn’t fall down.

Ashton stood in front of the closed front door with his arms crossed talking to Dad when I made it down. He was wearing a pair of dark denim jeans with a gray sweater layered on top of a red dress shirt; his hair was tousled into perfection with a smile plastered onto his face.

“Hey.” He said once I made it to his side, placing his arm around my waist.  

“Hi.” I mumbled back shyly with a smile.

“So whose party are you going to?” Dad asked.

Ashton cleared his throat, “My friend Alex is having the party at his place. It’s about a mile away from the school.”

“He’s on the soccer team with us.” Taylor added thoughtfully, giving me a wink.

Rolling my eyes I smiled and looked up at Ashton and then back to Dad who was nodding his head, “I think I remember him.” He said. “I want you guys back home by one, no later and no drinking.”

“Alright.” I said to him nodding my head.

I wouldn’t want to drink regardless if I was aloud too.

“Are you coming?” I asked Taylor. He and Alex were pretty close so I’m sure he was invited.

“Nah, I’m going to Grayson’s party.” He said and gave Ashton one of those guy handshake things. “See you later bro.” He said and walked away upstairs.

“See ya.” Ashton called back.

“Okay,” Dad said walking to the door, “I’ll let you guys go, drive safely.”

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