Not An Upload. Sneak peak of The Marines Daughter!

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So as some of you all might noticed, I deleted I Think I'm Falling For You. It was horrible lol, and it was something I didn't really have a plot to so I'm sorry for the people who liked it! BUT, during spring break I was watching an episode of Army Wives on Lifetime and this idea sparked in my mind. This story I made up actually discribes my life in a way since I live between two military bases and many of my friends go through what the characters do in my story. 

Here's a sneek peak of it. I don't know when I'll actually start posting it. 

PLEASE: Comment on what you think about it, whether you like it or not. It would be helpful, and plus I haven't found anything like it on Wattpad. 

The Marines Daughter 

Katelyn Jones recently moved to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina with her mother, father and her little brother Trevor. Her father is a US Marine and it’s normal for them to move around every four years. Leaving Florida, where they were stationed before, was hard but Katelyn makes many new friends including a boy named Ryan Parks. Katelyn’s just about to start her senior year in high school and on top of that, her father was deployed to Afghanistan to earn his first star and become a Brigadier General. On what seemed to be a normal day, she receives news that will change her life forever. Not being able to comprehend Katelyn leaves for the beach where Ryan later finds her lying on a dock. Ryan takes care of Katelyn and helps her though the depression he experienced a year before. Will anything grow from Ryan’s kindness?


UPDATE: First Chapter has been posted! Check it out!!

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