Chapter 15

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The rest of the day passed quickly and now I was being forced to go to the talent show meeting after school.

“Common Hillary you have to go!” Carson said literately dragging me towards the auditorium.

“Stop!”  I pleaded, “I’ll go it you stop dragging me by my arm, and if you continue I probably won’t be even to play since I’d lack and arm due to you.”

Carson gave me an exasperated sigh but let me go and chose to push my back the rest of the day. When we finally go there I took a seat with Carson in the back and later the chorus teacher got on stage with a microphone in hand.

“Good afternoon guys. Since you’ll be partaking in the talent show this school year this is the only meeting we’re going to have. There are two weeks till the show so make sure your acts are less than three minutes long. If you’re doing a dance routine or showing your physical talents put your name on this clip board and write what you’ll be doing so that way we can schedule you accordingly.” She said holding the clip board up.

“If you’re doing something musical say playing the piano or singing write your name down on the clip board. These will be in the front office till Wednesday. The countdown starts today so make sure you practice so you’re ready to go on the eleventh. Oh, please make sure you have your homeroom teachers written down to so we can give you the papers you’ll need to get in the backstage that Friday.”

“Are you excited?” Carson asked me.

I shrugged my shoulders, “Yeah I guess, I mean I was forced to do this so I’m not so happy about it.”

Carson glared and me and I gave him a playful nudge to let him know I was just joking around. The meeting ended in about another half hour. Most of it was just questions on dos and don’ts. After it ended I waited outside for Taylor’s practice to be finished. While waiting I was scrolling through my iPod for a song I could sing at the shows. I had twelve days to learn and play a song that would impress my whole school. That was a lot to think about.


As I walked up the drive way, I pulled my hoodie closer to me as the cold air surrounded my body. It was fall, and it already felt like dead winter. Moving my hands into my bag I grabbed my wallet which had the key to the door and opened if quickly, slipping inside and slamming the door shut, trapping the cold air outside. 

I dropped my bag next to the door and walked into the kitchen grabbing a mug, putting so water into it and placed it into the microwave for it to heat up. Once it was done, I dumped a packet of hot chocolate mix inside then stirred the contents to it was fully disintegrated into the water.

“Good looking’s here!” Carson yelled as he walked in like he owned the place.

I turned to the hallway and looked at Carson. “Where is he?”

Carson gave me a look and rolled his eyes. “Ha ha very funny,” he said sarcastically, “Grace should be here shortly. She said she was running late because her mom needed her to pick something up from the store.

“Okay, do you want something to drink?” I asked gesturing to the mug in my hand.

“Sure.” He said and walked over, taking my hot chocolate and finishing it off, then handed it back to me. “Thanks love.”

“Jerk.” I muttered and went back into the kitchen to make another two mugs of hot chocolate.

“You know you love me,” he said with a cocky smirk. “So what are we doing here?”

“You’re going to help me pick out a song for the talent show since your forcing me to do it.”

Carson smirked and flicked his head to the side, moving the hair that fell into his eyes. “Sounds okay to me but-“

Grace rang the doorbell then, cutting off Carson. I walked over and opened the door to see Grace’s hands full of CD’s that I guess we were choosing from, even though I had my iPod.

“Okay we have to get to work.” Grace commanded, shoving the CD’s into my arms.

“Grace you know they invented iPods for a reason, right?” Carson asked leaning against to door frame in the kitchen.

Grace put her hands in her hips, “You know they invented a razor for a reason too, right? You may want to purchase one, and use it too. And yes, I know they have iPods but these,” Grace said gesturing to the monstrosity in my arms, “aren’t on it.”

“Ah, I see.”

“Okay well I’m about to drop these things any moment so let’s go to my room.” Not waiting for an answer I ran up the stairs and dumped the CD’s on my bed, making the cases clatter together.

Grace and Carson were joking and laughing while they slowly walked to my room. A smirk formed on my face. Grace totally liked Carson, and I can tell Carson was interested.

“Okay love birds hope on in here since you put me in this misery.”

 Grace snorted, “Love birds?”

“Sh, we don’t have to tell her our secret.” Carson said jokingly putting a finger over her lips. He winked and sat on the floor while Grace fished my CD player out of my closet.


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