Chapter 24

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An hour later Ashton and I were at a booth at the dinner we were at a few days before. We had placed our orders and currently we were sitting quietly sipping on our milkshakes. Our waitress came over to our table and placed our meals in front of us. Her gray hair sweeping into her eyes as she bent down slightly. “Enjoy your meal.” She said with a smile.

“Thanks.” Ashton said and she walked off. “They make the best burgers here.” He said gesturing to the massive sandwich in front of him.

“It’s huge.” I commented, pilling some ketchup onto the corner of my plate.

“Not even, they’re perfect for a growing man.”

Raising an eyebrow I looked at him laughing. “Man? You seriously would consider you a man?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” he asked.

“Well considering the fact that you’re too immature, that may be a logical reason.”

Ashton smirked, “Immature huh?”

I nodded my head and ripped off a piece of my chicken tender and popped it in my mouth. “Yes, immature.”

“Well would I be mature if I did this?” he asked me, and dipped his finger into the pile of ketchup on my plate, and then swiped his finger across my cheek.

“What the hell?” I asked.

“I was proving my point.” He said laughing. “And I think it worked.”

Frowning I took my napkin and wiped the red goo off of my face. “You should have seen your face.” He said laughing. His eyes were getting watery, and his face was becoming flush.

“Was it really that funny?” I asked him, chuckling slightly.

He nodded his head before taking a huge bite of his burger. “You eat like a pig.” I commented.

 “It’s part of becoming a man.” Ashton said with a toothy grin.

Smiling, I concentrated on my food and we carried a conversation about school. They would have been let out by now so I decided to text Taylor and say Ashton gave me a ride home because I wasn’t feeling well.

The dinner was a popular place for teenagers to come to after school because the food was cheap and it was good. Ashton and I were joking around and laughing when a group of popular girls walked by the table and stopped smiling at Ashton.

“Well what a surprise.” She said.

Ashton’s smile disintegrated when he saw the girl. “What do you want Chelsea?” he asked putting the remainder of his sandwich back onto his half empty plate.

“Nothing really.” She said with a bitchy smirk on her face. Chelsea turned her head and looked at me taking in my appearance. “Nice girlfriend. She looks like a keeper.” She said scrunching up her nose in disgust.

I looked away and focused on a fry that was on my plate. After Friday night there was a little hope in myself that people would stop picking and teasing me after I put on a good show. Obviously I was wrong on so many levels.    

Ashton snorted, “She isn’t my girlfriend.”

I looked over at him, my face completely blank so I didn’t show how much it hurt when he said that. It was like he was ashamed of my presence.

Chelsea still had her signature bitch face plastered on and nodded her head, “Oh really? Because this sure does look like a date to me.”

“This isn’t a date Chelsea now kindly, fuck off.” He said.

“Aw how sweet. Now you’re defending her.” She taunted. Ashton’s face grew bored as I continued to look at him. He stared her down and I decided I had enough.

Grabbing my bag, I pulled out a twenty dollar bill knowing it would be more than enough to cover my fare of the bill, and placed it onto the counted.

“What are you doing Hillary?” Ashton asked as I slid out of the booth and stood up.

Chelsea turned her slender body so I could walk away without having to touch her. I kept my expression blank as I left the dinner. As soon as I walked outside into the cold air I realized Ashton was my ride. If I went back inside I would look ridiculous for just walking out on them. But then again, having to walk home in the cold was better than having to sit in a car with Ashton at the moment.

With my decision made, I walked down the busy road in the direction in my house. It wasn’t too far and would probably be a forty-five minute walk.

I couldn’t believe what just happened. Everything was going so well and then all of a sudden it falls apart completely because I was caught with someone that had a higher rep at school. It was stupid of me to get my hopes up, but everything felt so natural. I knew for a fact I liked him, but I felt so embarrassed to think that he might actually feel the same way as I do.

But then again, I’m Hillary White. Taylor White’s nerdy sister.

A nobody. 


So you find out that Hillary really does like Ashton. I gave you some alone time with them again, and a bit or drama. I hope you liked it  (; 

I'm updating again because I felt bad for neglecting you guys for so long. I know this is boring but I'll be able to get through the story faster now. 

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