Chapter 14

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Ashton looked over at the door to see a drunken girl leaning into my bedroom staring at Ashton laughing her head off at nothing. “Chelsea?” Ashton asked.

The girl, I supposed who was named Chelsea nodded her head and laughed, collapsing onto the floor. “Yup it’s me baby!”  She said slurring her words.

Ashton got off the floor and helped her up putting her arm around his shoulder. “How much did you drink?” he asked.

“I didn’t drink what are you talking about?”

Ashton looked over at me, giving me a sympathetic smile. Chelsea caught a glimpse of me and frowned. “What are you doing with this looser?” she asked falling over a little. Ashton studied her easily and shook his head.

“Chelsea chill, she’s not a looser now come on so I can get you to Jack.”

“What are you doing in here with her?” Chelsea asked.

“Nothing now come on.” Ashton said and swinging her over his shoulder

“I’ll be right back.” Ashton said and opened the door, making the music pile in my room louder before, and muffling again when he shut it.

Shaking my head I got off of my bed and walked to pick up the leftover food that was on the floor. Collecting the pieces in my hand I walked over to my trashcan, throwing them away and sat back down on my bed. I looked around while the music continued to blast from downstairs. 

I pick up The Last Song and continued to read from where I left off. For some reason I was really looking forward for Ashton coming back, but I pushed those hopes away quickly. I mean come on. He’s a popular sporty kid who would much rather get drunk and dance with some girls than sit up in a room with some loner and talk.

After about an hour the party was winding down and I was tired. Ashton was a no show, but that was expected. Pulling off my blankets on my bed, I lay down and fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning and went down stairs bracing myself for the mess that I was going to be faced with. I pulled the sheet off of the ceiling blocking the stairs. Once it was down all I could see were plastic party cups, food, cans, and wrappers laid out over the house. Luckily there was no glass this time so I wouldn’t have to worry about my feet being cut.

I walked over to the family room to see Ashton lying on the couch sleeping. I smiled a little bit and went to the dining room to see Grayson sleeping underneath the table. How the hell did he get down there? I laughed to myself and went into the kitchen to get something to eat. I didn’t know where Taylor was but he probably crashed in his room.

Grabbing a bin or strawberries I threw them on the counter knowing that the boys would probably sleep through it, and then got and orange and a water bottle. Putting the strawberries in a strainer, I cut them and washed them thoroughly, and put them in a bowl. After I cut up the oranges, I threw them in with the strawberries. While I ate I cleaned up the kitchen so Taylor could just clean up the rest of the place.

After I was done eating I went for a run and came back. Quietly opening the door, I shut it just as carefully and turned around to see Ashton waking up. I smirked at him. His hair was in disarray and he had marks across his face from the couch cushions.

 “Morning.” I said taking the ear buds out of my ears and kicking off my sneakers.

“Morning.” He said groggily.

“Hangover?” I chuckled. Ashton shook his head, “No, but the worst headache I’ve probably ever had.”

I raised my eyebrows at him, “You didn’t drink at all last night?”

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