Chapter 29

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For about another hour and a half I stayed snuggled up with Ashton on the couch. Even though the TV was on, we kept a conversation going not paying much attention to the movie that was playing in front of us.

Tightening his arm around my waist, Ashton said, “I need to go.”

Sighing, I sat up and looked over at his handsome face. “Alright.” I said with a frown and stood up to get his cleats back into the gift bag.

“Hey,” he said taking the bag from my hand, and turning my body to face his. “It’s not like I want to leave.”

“I know,” I said with a playful frown, “I just don’t want you to go.”

Ashton laughed and walked over to grab his coat off the staircase railing where he placed it earlier. I followed him over and placed my hands on my hips watching him slide his arms into the pea coat and button it up. Once it was on he smiled down at me and walked over wrapping his arms around my waist.

“Drive safely.” I said, reaching up to fix his collar.

“I will.” He said and kissed my forehead, “I’ll be back late the 30th, but on New Year’s Eve my friend is having a party and I wanted to know if you’d like to be my date.”

I placed my hands on this chest and smiled nodding my head, “Of course I’d love to be your date. What time should I be ready by?”

Ashton pursed his lips in thought, “I’d say around eight, eight thirty. I’ll text you if that changes though.”

“Okay, sounds good.”

He sighed and frowned looking down at me, “I don’t care if this sounds clingy, but I’m really going to miss you.”

Laughing from my nose, I stood on the tops of my toes and gave him a quick peck. “I’m going to miss you too. You’re only going to be gone for about a week though.”I said smiling. Having heard him say that reassured me that we both held the same amount of feelings for each other and that he was really being honest with me.

“I know but still, that’s too long.” He whined.

“I have my phone.” I reminded him, “You can always call.”

Ashton’s eyes locked with my own and nodded his head before leaning in and kissing me holding me tighter. He broke away all too soon and leaned his forehead against mine still looking at me.

“I’ll see you soon.” He said sighing, dropping his hold of me.

“Okay,” I said opening the door to see snow still falling; the roads slightly covered. “Please drive safely.”

Ashton stepped around me and out into the wintery night, “I will.” He said with his gorgeous signature smile.

After that he left with his present in hand and started his car, carefully backing out of the driveway honking his horn at me as he drove off. Once I no longer could see his car I stepped back into the house and locked the front door.

Trying to hide my smile, I bit my lip and clasped onto the heart locket that hung from my neck as I walked into the family room to clean up.

In the short amount of time that we had started talking again I found myself immediately growing more attached to him. I didn’t know if it was a good thing or not, but I didn’t really care at the moment. Things were good between us and I didn’t want to ruin it by distancing myself from him. He had opened up to me and that’s exactly what I wanted from him, but I couldn’t help but worry about the amount of pain I would go through if this didn’t work out between us.

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