Author's Note

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Hi guys. I'm sorry to say but THIS IS NOT AN UPDATE. Please read this though!!! 

I'm so sorry I haven't done much of anything since September. School's been.... tough and I'm having a horrible time keeping myself focused. If you're in High School and if you take Pre-AP, AP, or Honors classes I'm sure you can sympathise with me. I'm shoulder deep with school work and on top of it I'm working on a musical which drains my motivation most days. I have my midterms this week so I'm just taking a few minutes to write an update for you all. So again I am so so sorry for not updating ): 

The good news is I'm really going to try to give you guys some updates in the month of February. BUT I need your help! 

Since I haven't really touched the story and you all have been reading it I really could use your help. Since it's so long could you all give me the plot I've already set for this story and key events? I know it's a lot to ask but just commenting a few sentences will really help motivate me. You guys can also add what you'd like to see in upcoming chapters since I've kind of forgot where I wanted to go with this story. PLEASE if you could do that little favor and I'll love you all forever. 

I want to thank you guys also for your patience and all of your support. It honestly means the world and I don't know what I would do without you. 

~Julianne xoxo 

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