Chapter 17

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As I entered the opening behind the curtains where the prep room was, the girl Sarah that I’d met earlier came up to me.

“Oh my God! You were so much better than I thought! Where did you learn to sing?” She gushed.

I gave her a shrug as a small smile toyed on my lips. “I don’t know, I just got up there and sang. I don’t have a secret.”  

She shook her head and smiled at me. “I have some people I want you to meet, come with me.”

Grabbing my hand, she pulled me through the people lining up in the hallways trying to make their way to the doors to exit to the parking lot. We stopped at the opening of the auditorium, where some of the popular kids were chatting.

“Hey guys,” Sarah said grabbing their attention, “This here is my new friend Hillary, Hillary this is the gang.”

“Hey I’m David.” One of the guys said. He has crystal blue eyes and dark brown hair.

“Hilary.” I said with a small smile. Giving me a smirk back some one of the girls from earlier spoke, “Oh my god you’re that girl who sang right?”

“That’s me,” I said a little uncomfortable, I wasn’t used to having so much attention before.

“You were amazing! You’re so quiet and you keep to yourself, I would have never known you had such a voice.” She gushed.

“Hey, Maggie chill out,” David said, “you don’t have to scare her.”

The girl blushed, “Sorry.”

“It’s fine, but I have to go actually. I have to find my brother before he leaves me for my friends. I’ll catch up with you all later?” I asked. They did seem like cool people, hell they probably could get me into this popular crowd. Not that it was needed but it would be nice to be known in the student body.

Sarah nodded her head, “Okay, here text me later and we’ll plan something.” She said. Handing her my phone she punched in her number. After receiving it back, I gave them a small wave and headed off towards the parking lot to wait by the car.

To my surprise they were already there. Taylor was sitting on the hood along with Grace. Carson was near him along with some other kid I couldn’t make out. Walking closer, Taylors head turned to my direction. As he caught sight of me, he jumped off of the hood and ran over to me, giving me a bone crushing hug.

“You were so good up there.” He said.

“Taylor I can’t breathe.” I said.

“Oh sorry.” Releasing me slightly from his hold, I hugged him back, “Thank you, you have no clue how scared I was.”

“I can only imagine.” He said chuckling.

Greyson was chatting with Carson so after Grace got my attention we chatted for awhile before I was able to get the boys to stop talking. We said our goodbyes and Taylor drove me home so I could change. Apparently there was a party that one of his friends Travis was holding and wanted me to come.

“Ashton will be there.” Taylor said eyeing me in his peripheral vision.

I raised my eyebrows at him, “That’s nice…”

Shaking his head he laughed to himself and kept driving. When we pulled up to the house I ran in since the rain was starting to pick up again, and headed up to me room. I took off the dress and slipped on a pair of dark jeans with an off shoulder cream top. Keeping the same jewelry that I wore with my dress I slipped on a pair of flats and bounced down the steps.

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