Chapter 7

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After lunch Grace and I went to our classes and once the announcements were aired I went to my locker to see Carson leaning against it with a foot propped up on the locker door. As he saw me he stood up and a small smile crossed his face.

“Hey.” I said as I turned the dial on my locker.

“Hey, so did you sign up yet for the talent show?” He asked facing my back as I bent down the throw some binders in.

“No…not yet.” I sighed.

Carson groaned and I shoved some books into to my bag and Carson shut it. “Hillary. Seriously if you don’t sign up I’m writing your name on the sheet of paper right now.”

I stared at him wide-eyed. He couldn’t be serious. “Why is this such a big deal?!” I asked walking away from him.

“It’s big because you’re an a amazing singer and I think this school judges you on something you not.” He said catching up to me quickly.

I shook my head. “I don’t care what people think of me. I stopped caring a long time ago so I’m not doing it.”

Carson took my hand, pulling to an abrupt stop, making fall into his chest. Once I regained my balance I glared up at him. “What was that for?”

“Just to tell you I’ll see you later. I’m signing you up.” He said quickly, and ran away.

I opened my mouth in shock. Did he seriously do that? I ran after, catching him just as he was about to write my name on the paper posted on the bulletin in the front office. “No! Carson stop I don’t want to do it!” I said grabbing his waist and pulling him from the board.

The staff in the office rolled their eyes at us but I didn’t really care. Carson unhooked my arms around his waist and proceeded to write my name on the paper.

“Can you give me that sheet of paper once you’re done so I can give it to Mrs. Dent  when you’re done?” the lady asked Carson.

“No! I mean, I have to check something.” I sad looking at Carson with my hand out so he could give me the paper.

Carson shook his head and gave it to the lady at the desk. “Here you go.” He said.

With my mouth wide open, I stared at Carson in shock. He really just signed me up for the talent show. I didn’t even want to be in this stupid thing! Glaring at him, I left the front office and went down to the choir room angrily.

Taking a seat at the piano I pulled out the sheets of music I was working on yesterday and began to play what I had already put together while my mind roamed.

What would happen if I went on stage and completely messed up of forgot the lyrics to a song? Then everyone would end up laughing at me, and I honestly think they do that enough already.  Or worse, what if my voice screws up while I’m singing and I sound completely awful.  That would be embarrassing.

Before I knew what I was doing I finished what I had written and continued to play, adding onto the melody I began yesterday. It sounded good, so I wrote down the notes on the sheet of paper and continued to play it out.

My phone vibrated in my pocket so I stopped playing, pulled it out and turned on the screen to see that Carson had sent me a text.  Ignoring it I threw it into my bag and proceeded to play.


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