Chapter-28: Star Wars Drama Is Nothing Compared To Superheroes.

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"The Clock-Tower is the nearest to this section of the beach," I shouted to Jacob over the wind and the noise of the sea.
"Alright then, you check over the beach-houses and I'll check over at the lighthouse," Jacob shouted back.
Nodding to show my agreement, I turned towards the row of houses.

There was approximately 25 houses, and every single one of them was huge. These houses had been built for the rich- that was plainly visible. But of course, only the rich could afford houses on the beach. Technically, they weren't allowed to make houses on or near public property. But of course, they had gotten away with it by filling up the pockets of the governing bodies with money. It was a sore sight for us superheroes especially, because this was one place where we could not defeat the evil, or rather, could not claim to be the biggest and toughest.
Although I had heard that Superman had bought a house on the beach just after I left him. And I knew for sure that three of these houses were Tony Stark's, and one of Bruce Wayne.

There were 25 houses in total. It would take too much time to look through each one of them even after crossing out Bruce's and Tony's houses. Not that I could cross them out. Those kids could have taken over the houses and Bruce and Tony wouldn't even know.

Hmm..... What could I do?

I looked around everywhere, searching for a clue to help me.
"Anything to save time, anything to save time," I muttered to myself. The noise of the ocean and the wind along with the birds around wasn't helping at all. In fact it was making it even harder to concentrate.

Bird. Of course. Why hadn't I thought of this earlier?
I turned towards the coconut trees. Sitting on the long branches of the tree were some seagulls staring hungrily around them.
"Can you help me?" I called out to them. They took no notice of me. Perhaps the wind was too loud. I flew nearer towards them.
"Can you help me?" I asked again. A few of them looked elsewhere while some started to speak even more loudly.

Lazy asses.
"Oh look, food!" I shouted. At once I had bought the attention of  all the sea gulls in the vicinity.
"Okay, I'll give you food if you do this for me..." I explained everything to the sea gulls.

Even after the sea gulls went to search their respectively assigned houses, three houses were still remaining. I looked around at the ground for more animals and caught sight of some stray dogs roaming in a pack near the beach. I smiled. Maybe I would see Melody very soon.

"Dude, where even are you?" I said exasperated.
"This stupid bus is caught in a traffic jam. It will obviously take me some time to reach D," Chris replied. I could literally feel his eyes roll.
"Alright then, whenever you arrive, come straight to the lighthouse. There's nothing in the beach houses."
"You've looked through all of them so fast?" Chris asked in a stunned voice.
"Yes, I have. Now I'm going to go and help Jacob. Talk to you later," I said, cutting the call.

The lighthouse loomed in front of me. It had been built two centuries ago and had now been classified as a monument. But no one was interested in looking at a lighthouse which didn't even have anything special. The locals had started tales of ghosts in the lighthouse to attract tourists, but the lighthouse had broken down at one side a few years ago- with two tourists inside. They had died and now the lighthouse was off-limits to everyone. Not that anyone wanted to visit it now anyway.

I quietly opened the door and looked inside. It seemed empty. I flew up the stairs. Nobody. I frowned. Where on earth could Jacob be?

Had those two idiots taken Jacob as well? But it would have been tough for two amateurs to take on a trained superhero. And they couldn't have shifted Melody so fast as well. Unless this was a trap and Melody had never been  here. But they still couldn't have taken Jacob. Where on earth could they be?  And there weren't even any signs of a fight happening..

In frustration, I slammed my hand into the wall. The plaster broke and the wall cracked.
"Crap," I muttered. I had forgotten how fragile the lighthouse could be. I studied the crack to make sure that no further damage could befall the lighthouse. The crack was about twenty centimetres long. And.... And there was no cement underneath it?

What the hell.

I tore the plaster even more using my bare hands. There was a door. Underneath the plaster. A secret room. That's must be where they were keeping Melody. That's where Jacob would be.

But how were they getting in there? I had seen no signs of force before. Unless there was another entry to this place. That might even mean that they wouldn't know about this door. This might turn out to be a huge advantage for me. Although there was another possibility of this room not having been found in decades and being empty all this while. But Jacob had come to the lighthouse. If he'd gone anywhere else, he would've texted me. This must be it.

There is nothing to loose. Except precious time. Which you're wasting anyway by all this thinking.
I let out a deep breath and opened the door quietly. This was it. I peeked in.

"Nice to see you again, Rose," Akhila smiled at me. She was standing right in front of the door, just a few meters ahead, as if she was waiting for me.

"What the-" I wasn't even able to finish my sentence as a hand from the side of the door pulled me and tightly held me against someone's body. I instinctively knew it was Jay.

"Where is Melody?" I asked, knowing that fighting right now would be useless. They had Melody and Jacob. It would ensure only that Akhila and Jay hurt them more.
"Right where she should be," giggled Akhila.
"Where?" I growled again, straining against Jay's hold.
"Don't you worry about her, love," the boy behind me answered, his chest rumbling. I recognised that voice. I would recognise it anywhere.

"Jay... No. It can't be. It's not even possible," I said, wracking my brain for excuses.
"Ooh. So you figured out which cuckoo I was talking about? Ah, gave you a shock didn't it? Hehehe," giggled Akhila like it was a huge joke.
"No, no, no! You and Jay are controlling him somehow- framing him- you must be holding someone close to him like you're doing to me. Don't you worry, my darling, I know this is not you," I said reassuringly as I looked behind, straight into Jacob's eyes.

"Well, you'd better start believing it Burn," Jacob said, a determined look in his eyes.
"What have you taken from him?" I asked Akhila, "where is Jay?! I know Jacob is not Jay, you little B*tch!" I shouted.
Akhila gave a shriek of laughter and fell onto the floor.
"Burn, I really like you- like  like you- maybe even love you in future, but you should know that you can't talk to my younger sister like that. She's the most precious thing for me in the world," Jacob growled tightening his hold on me.

"No," I screamed, "no, you can't be the Jacob I know."
I wrenched myself from his hold.
"That's what she said," Akhila said, and started laughing madly again.
"Akhila shut up. You're just making her angry," Jacob huffed, pulling me towards him and turning my head towards him so that he could look straight into my eyes.

"Rose, I can explain. I can, really. And I want you to join me. Oh, if you hadn't come to the lighthouse this fast, then I could've made sure Melody and the bushes were far away, and it would've bought me a few more days to convince you. Because I know that you'll understand- that you'll see what I mean, because we're so alike. We were meant to be together in this baby. Just let me explain once. For our sake," Jacob said, his beautiful eyes searching mine frantically.

There was silence for a few moments.
"Sure. Explain. What other option have you given me?" I asked in a whisper, a tear leaking down my face.
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