Chapter 5: Even Super Heroes Get Punishments.

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As Thunder glared at all of us while we stood in the remains of the seventh floor, shivering in blankets, still pretty dazed as we tried to remember who had caused this monstrosity, I felt pretty scared. Beside Thunder, Red was standing along with Explosion (Head of SAE). Seeing that we were all hovering above the floor- which was littered with thousands of pieces of God knows what (I could see gold, but how would gold end up there, right?), with the weather too hot to be true, I understood two things.

One, Explosion was making us float in the air using his awesome super powers and second, Red was pretty angry, thus resulting in the very hot weather. This could only mean one thing. Trouble. As I started remembering what had happened in the last hour itself, I winced, realising that we were responsible for all this destruction.

Time to make amends. Taking a deep breath, I smiled my most apologetic smile and said "Jacob easily gets out of hand. He doesn't realise what he's doing half the time. I understand that as the more mature member of this group, I should take responsibility for him, and I will. I apologise deeply on his behalf and reassure you with utmost sincerity that he will get this fixed. I'm also ready to hear any punishments he might get and make him accept them, even though it pains me so much since he is a close friend of mine."

As I finished my speech, a burning piece of the ceiling began to fall on top of us, and Explosion swiped it away with a wave of his hand.

"Jacob gets out of hand, my ass." Red muttered as Thunder snorted and Explosion sighed.
"We're ALL in trouble, aren't we?" I groaned as all three nodded.
"This is all your fault" I muttered as I painted the newly made ceiling (Yes, Goldilocks and I, had somehow repaired the ceiling. Don't ask how- it consisted of a lot of heat, gold, drug dealers, and bricks).
"Yeah, I was the one who threw golden statues and burnt everything to its core." Jacob said sarcastically, as he made used his powers to sweep the floor and clear the windows at the same time.

"Why am I stuck with both you?" Chris grumbled as he used his powers to make some new doors. Yes, apparently we are going to have gold doors in this building from now on. I have no idea who had this stupid brainwave. We should give that fellow a standing ovation.

"Shut up Goldilocks." Jacob and I said together, annoyed by his constant whining. God, this was boring. Suddenly I got an idea. I grinned.

"What are you thinking Burn? Please don't tell me you got one of your stupid ideas. We cannot make another Great Wall Of China." Jacob asked me cautiously.
"It was an accident! You were there in front of me and pissed me off! I had to throw a fireball! Anyway why did you dodge?! The Wall was almost ruined!" I protested.

"You guys were the ones who torched the Great Wall Of China?!" Chris asked, clearly astonished, for once without his 'I'm-so-bored' voice.
"It was an accident!" We both quickly turned and yelled together at him.
Jacob sighed. "Be silent." He told Chris with a wave of his hand. Chris opened his mouth but wasn't able to say anything.

"Handy trick." I muttered. Jacob ignored my comment and said "Yes, Oh Mighty One Who Is Never To Blame, what is your latest idea?"
"Was that sarcasm?" I asked. "No, My Oh-So-Intelligent Lady." Jacob deadpanned as Chris waved his hands in front of Jacob's face.
"That was definitely sarcasm." I muttered under my breath, continuing " You do remember that I can communicate with animals?"
"And here I was thinking that you were going crazy and I needed to phone a psychiatrist." Jacob answered.
"Wow, you're definitely stupider than I remember." I acted as if I was surprised, ignoring Chris, who was now waving his hands in front of me.

"That's what happens if you spend each day with you Rose." He replied, ignoring Chris who was now throwing paper balls at him.
"Fine. Then I'll only use my idea to help myself." I said, pretty cross. Chris threw up his hands in frustration.

"But first at least tell me your non-existent idea, Ross." Jacob smirked, knowing that his weird nicknames irritated me, and pretty sure that I didn't have an idea. Chris banged his head on the table.
"The only non-existent thing in this room is your brain." I said, replacing Jacob's smirk with a scowl. Chris yawned silently, sitting on a seat. Opening the window, I began to smirk as I saw a crow sitting on a tree nearby. Calling the crow towards me, I happened to glance at
Jacob. He seemed pretty curious. Seeing that I was looking at him, he scowled and turned around.

Grinning, I turned back towards the crow. We spoke for a it together, then I turned towards Chris and Jacob and said "Well, what are you waiting for? Let's go home, we don't need to worry anymore!"

They looked at me in awe. "Wow" said Chris, somehow looking boredly awed ( that guy makes even the impossible possible), as Jacob forgot to keep control on the wind and make him silent.

Laughing, I exited the room first, pretty sure that I was looking super cool. That is, until I banged into a piece of the ceiling still on the floor. Then I scowled and just flew out of the building to my car.
The next day, I met Liam- who studied in my class.
"Hey Dorkus, where were you at the party? Chad and Lo were pretty upset with you."
He snorted. "It'll take just ten bucks worth of food to make them happy. I was doing what any normal person does at night Ro. I was sleeping."
I laughed on hearing his statement. "Never heard truer words." I replied.

Liam and I study in the same class, while Chad and Melody study in the same class. We share the same bus, but since Melody got a car and she and Chad live nearby, they've started coming using the car. We still spend time together in lunch and after school though. Our school is pretty big, there being ten sections in just Class 12th with 40 children in each class.

Then the teacher entered the class and we started taking out our books. We were in the middle of the lesson when a paper ball landed on my desk, as if it had just flown there. That could only mean one thing. Jacob. I opened the paper, curious to read what he had written.

'What did you do yesterday?'

I snorted on reading the paper and froze. People were looking at me strangely for snorting in the middle of the class. Liam looked at me with concern. Jacob just shook his head and lowered it onto the table. Fortunately, the teacher hadn't noticed.

I smiled when everybody turned back and Liam had finished his concerned questions about my health. Then I wrote my answer on the paper.

'Let's just say that it involves a lot of animals and their cleaning abilities.'

What? I couldn't wait to tell him my answer. After all, it was pretty intelligent and I couldn't help but show off. And Jacob hadn't come up with it.

Had to rub it in his face, y'know?

Throwing the paper towards him, I turned towards my work. Another paper landed on my desk.

'Only you Derave, only you.'

I smiled and crumpled the paper turning back to my work.
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