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Chris's POV
"But you're the sidekick! You have to do what I say!"
"I'm your sidekick. Not your lapdog," I rolled my eyes.
Diamond's eyes flashed in anger.
"How dare you even talk to me like that? If I tell you to catch a butterfly, you pretty well catch a butterfly! If I tell you to kiss a girl, you kiss her! And if I tell you to go and get me the goddamn villain's name, you goddamn do it!"

"Sorry what? Didn't hear you," I told her with a yawn.
"Maybe that's why your previous heroes killed each other," Diamond said spitefully.
She did not just say that.

"Maybe you are not able to solve this case because your head's the size of a micro organism," the words just rolled off my tongue.
Diamond's mouth opened and closed like a goldfish.
"You- I - that's it. I refuse to work with a sidekick like that!" She stuttered, her face becoming red.
"At last. Thanks Love, I would've killed myself if this had gone on any longer. See you soon," I smiled and winked at her as I started walking away. I could still feel her fuming behind me as she friend to make sense out of what I had said.

Diamond was a classic example of a type-A Superhero. Annoying, brattish, thinking she was too good for the world- I really would've killed myself if I had to work with her any longer.

I went to the bus station to wait for the bus. I would deal with Red tomorrow.

It been two weeks. And yet it still felt like it had happened yesterday. I still couldn't believe that Rose and Jacob had died. And my nightmares didn't let me move on even a bit. I felt a bit guilty too. Maybe if I'd been a better sidekick I could've saved them. Helped them. Maybe I should've been a better friend.

But it was too late. Too late for anything. Even regrets. Akhila had been living at my place for the past few months. SAE wanted to throw her in jail but I'd refused flatly. I told them that I'd break her out. And I told them that they would have more benefits with her free than in jail. Another superhero added to the team when we'd lost two, and not to mention that thy could study her powers as she was the only person who'd gotten her powers from the lily bushes.

I like to think that they felt pity for her, but I know that the benefits seemed better to them. I closed my eyes. I had to go back to SAE tomorrow. My fate would be decided.

The bus had come. I had to go home. I had school tomorrow. Otherwise I wouldn't have ever even thought of going home.

I didn't know whether to hate Jacob or feel sorry for him. In many ways I was closer to him than I was to Rose. After all, he was the one who I hung out with. While I was with him, no kid my age even dared to talk to me. Because I was with a senior. Although it unfortunately did not help my popularity. My popularity was skyrocketing and I knew that. My so called 'mysteriousness' didn't help either, even though I really didn't need people knowing about me- not to mention the fact that I didn't even like anyone my age. I hated being popular. I could see what it did, and I didn't understand how people could be so blind to it.

I reached home. More like manor. I felt like snorting. I wished Rose was here. She's would've snorted and made some comment. Jacob would've counteracted.
I'd forgotten the keys.

I pressed the bell.
"Who's there?" The butler asked.
"Open the gate Gerard," I said, throughly annoyed at myself for forgetting the keys and at the butler for not having some inner sense to know that it was me and opening the gate.
"Good evening Sir," Gerard replied, and the gates swung open.

See? I had a lot to hide. Like the fact that I was the town's Mayor's son. That fact alone had the potential to cause a lot of trouble.

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