Chapter 7: Even Superheroes Say Sorry.

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So skipping to the next morning ( you don't really want to know how I ate dinner and talked to my family, do you? So boring.) as I stepped out of the bus, smiling at something that Liam had said, two arms came around me and squeezed me to death.

"I'm so sorry Ro, I know your training is super important to you. I respect that, and I shouldn't have fought with you over a stupid matter like going to a stupid party." Melody rushed out her words without giving me a chance to speak, "Will you forgive me please?" She asked me nervously, still hugging me.

"It's my fault too, Lo. I know you guys are my best friends and I should spend more time with you guys, and I'll try my best, I swear. Please forgive me?" I asked her as nervously, tears threatening to come out, as I hugged her back with equal force.

"What are you talking about girl, we're best friends right? We don't say sorry to each other." She smiled at me.
"True" I agreed, continuing "I love you Lo."
"I love you too," She replied and we both hugged each other as if we hadn't seen each other for a thousand years.
"Aww, look at both of them," Chad squealed like a baby, with Layla in his arms, giving him a peck on his cheek.

"You guys are so sweet." Layla smiled at us.
"Thanks." Lo grinned.
"Thank God," Liam said, creases suddenly vanishing from his forehead.
I laughed.

Layla and Chad vanished into thin air, probably to do some more kissing. I swear nothing is more disgusting than two friends of yours kissing. It is a horror movie on its own. Urghh.

From the left corridor Zed emerged with Jack, his only friend. Spotting us he changed his direction, as Jack just shook his head, amused by the antics of his best friend and went along his way.
"Hi Melody, hey Rose, hi Liam." He grinned shyly at us. I wanted to go to him, and kiss him, his nervousness was so cute.

I couldn't resist giving him a hug.
"Come here Zed," I grinned as I gave him a hug for no reason. He bit his lip, trying to stop his blush as I hugged him.

"Aww, look at him, he's blushing." Melody cooed.
Liam laughed and pushed Zed turning towards the corridor, saying "Leave these two best friends alone, they've just patched up."

Melody and I gave each other another hug, when a person groaned from behind, "Oh god, what have I got myself into."
I instantly turned around, recognising the voice. I scowled. Jacob and Chris were standing behind us.

Jacob was shaking his head as Chris yawned.
"What is your problem Farret?" I asked him as Melody supported me with a simple "Yeah?"
"My problem is that I need to talk to you. Unfortunately." Jacob replied disgustedly. Chris yawned. Again. A girl came from the left and smiling shyly, interrupted me before I could reply.

"Hey Chris." She squeaked.
"Hey.... Um... Diana? Della?" Chris replied, a bit uncertainly.
"Oh god." I muttered, shaking my head.
"Who's this guy?" Melody inquired, whispering into my ear.
"Probably dumbo's sidekick." I whispered back. Jacob scowled, probably his super hearing helping him to know what I was speaking. Coming back to the conversation, I listened with interest.

"Thanks Diana! Here's my number, just as I promised." Chris gave the girl a golden smile. The girl sighed as she literally swooned.
"I'll call you later." She said as she walked away, still dreaming.

Hah! I was correct! Chris certainly has the girls in his class falling on their knees for him. God, Chris certainly has plenty of admirers. I laughed. Everyone ignored me, too used to me and my weirdness.
"Good, now let's go Derave and Winters." Jacob continued, "Excuse us, Melody."

"Woahh, slow down Dumb and Dumber." I said as Jacob and Chris made a move to move. (A/N:- I got the moves of Jagger, I got the moves of Jagger, I got the moooooves of Jagger)
"What now?" Jacob groaned.
"Is Chris's surname really Winter?" I asked in surprise. I really know very less about my team members clearly.
Chris shook his head and muttered, "Out of all the questions she could have asked, she asks this," as Jacob sighed and said "Yes. Now shall we move Derave and Winters?"

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