Chapter-26: Superheroes Have their Prim Everdeens too.

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"So, nada?" I asked tiredly, mopping the sweat off my face, my phone clenched against my ear by my shoulder.
"Nada. Only 3 more warehouses are left to check. Call you after that," Chris muttered, disconnecting the phone without as much as a good bye. However, I could hardly blame him. He had been out the whole day, looking into the warehouses and searching for clues for the past four hours while Jacob had been doing something which I doubted even God knew, and I had been at the gym, tried to call Melody, asked a sparrow, a pigeon, a dove and a cat to ask around for information on Akhila or Jacob, done more gymming in frustration of having no other lead.

The cool air was a relief when I stepped out of the building. I tried to call Melody just one more time, but she didn't pick up. I was too tired to run after our friendship right now; too tired to call again and beg for forgiveness to her voicemail. I knew it was my fault, but I was just too tired.

On reaching home, I sat down after a long time with my family for dinner. My mom was not happy with my 'B' grade in physics, and I was too tired to sort it out. The dinner was held in silence, after which I went upstairs to finish my homework. It must have been around 12 when I decided to call Jacob again.

"Hello Gorgeous, did you need something?" Jacob panted into the phone.
"Hey Windmill, why're you panting?" I asked curiously, as my heart literally leaped out of my chest when he called me gorgeous.
"Just working on my lead Burn. Now is not a good time for casual talk- can I call you as soon as this is over? I'll tell you everything- promise."

I smiled at his seriousness, and replied, "Whenever Jacob. Just call me please,"
"Uhuh," he replied to me absentmindedly, "Bye Burn."
"Bye... Gorgeous," I giggled, disconnecting the call. With a smile, I decided I could find the courage inside of me to study for the chemistry test tomorrow.

I was deeply involved in studying the second law of thermodynamics when my phone began to ring. Happy and excited that Jacob was calling me, I literally ran to the other end of my small room to pick it up. However, on seeing the caller, my heart literally melted.

I quickly answered the phone.
"Melody," I quietly asked, not daring to let my hopes soar up.
"Ro? Is that you?" Her voice came, a bit blurred from the other end.
"Oh Mel," I whispered, my heart hurting from hearing her voice. I cannot explain how much hearing her call me Ro touched me; how much it felt like I was whole again; like I had stopped breathing and hadn't even realised, "I'm sorry, Lo."
"Sorry? Why are youuuu sawryyy?" Melody slobbered.
"Melody, where are you right now?" I asked here sitting up straight in alarm.
"At Faith's partyyy. Duh," she groaned in exaggeration.
"Melody, you never drink. What's wrong Lo?"
"That was beeefore. Before all my best friends left me. I mean what did I do wrong Ro? We had a fight. It was your fault- I agree it was a bit of mine too- but I thought you'd come the next day; and instead even Liam and Chad left me, and I waited for all of you soo long and I just don't understand, what did I do wrong? I'm mad at you but I don't want to be- if you'll talk to me if I leave Zed, then I'll leave him, just what did I do wrong?" Melody asked me rambling in bewilderment.
"Oh Lo," I sighed, a cold fist squeezing my heart rather painfully, "it's not your fault."
"It must be," her voice began to tremble, "I have so many friends nowadays, but none that I want. I miss you all so so sooo much," she sniffed before her voice turned into a whisper, "especially you Ro, I miss you so much."

"I miss you to Lo," I whispered back, my eyes getting filled with tears, "I'm sorry."
"Forgive me?" Melody asked from the other side, her voice sounding pained and tired.
"Forgive me instead?" I asked, a tear slipping down my cheek.
"Let's go home Ro, shall we?" Melody sighed.
"I'll be there. 5 minutes. Wait for me outside," I told her, disconnecting the phone.

Tears kept slipping down my face as I quietly took out a jacket from my cupboard, and boots as well, not caring that I was in my pyjamas and I kept wiping them away. Jumping out of the window, I flew as fast as I could to my motorcycle and sat on it, not even wearing a helmet. As the motorcycle came to life, I brushed another tear off my face. My dear Melody, caught in a situation that wasn't even her fault. I hadn't even tried to fix things up before today. What kind of a best friend was I? Then again, it was already established that I wasn't a good one. But Melody still accepted me. And I wouldn't let her go. Not would I ever let Liam or Chad go. Not over anything so stupid.

As I reached Faith's house, the blaring music and the smell of alcohol came to the road outside as well. The party wasn't so huge but the number of people present was astounding. I hurriedly got off my motorcycle, and started calling Melody on her phone. She didn't pick up. I ran into Faith's house, whilst I also kept on calling Melody. I must have searched all over the house at least twice and yet I still hadn't found her. I was sitting on the curb outside, miserable and not knowing where Melody could've gone when my phone rang. Hurriedly, I brought it up to see that Melody was calling me.

"Melody, where are you?" I exclaimed, just happy that she'd called me and that she could now be located.
"So you must be Rose," A deep voice came over.
"Who is this?" I asked sharply.

I took in a breath quietly, shocked.
"Who Jay? Do I know you? Where's Melody?" I asked, pretending to be puzzled.
"Don't play stupid Rose. I had more expectations from you after all that Akhila told me. Or should I call you Danger?"
"If you've harmed a single hair on Melody's head-"
"You'll do what? You don't even know where I am," the guy snickered.
"What do you want?" I growled into the phone, almost crushing it.
"Simple. Stop trying to find me. Get Akhila's name off the Wanted list. Get me the last bush of lilies. You can get your team involved but no one else. You have two days."
"You have the last bush, you idiots," I replied angrily.
"I meant the one stored in the superhero facility. The one which is being used right now. The reason why this Superhero situation is not critical."
"Give me proof that you have Melody and that she's alive," I said.
"Alrighty," Jay said rather brightly.
"Miss'd like to talk to you Bi*ch"
"Hello? Ro?"
"Lo? Is this phone on speaker?"
"No, I'm fine Rose."
"Okay. Tell me anything about where you are."
"Yeah, they gave me food- fish to be exact. My head hurts Rose- there's some stupid clock which rings so loudly, it hurts. Save me Rose, I'm scared-"
"Well, now you have your proof," Akhila's smooth voice came over.
"I will kill you if I ever lay my hands again on you, you little piece of poo," I snarled.
"Ah, for that you'll have to catch me," Akhila giggled. The phone disconnected.

I called Jacob.
"I was just about to call you Burn," he said quietly.
"They have Melody," I said, running towards my bike.
"What?" Jacob asked, not quite hearing well, "I'm near the docks- my investigation took me here- and I can't really get good connection."
"I said Jay and Akhila took Melody."
"What the hell," Jacob said aghast.
"Meeting in 10. Call Chris too." I hung up the phone, climbing up the bike.
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