Chapter-19: The Reason Why Superheroes Don't Have Friends.

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"Rose, what's wrong?" Melody asked me angrily, yet with a worried light in her eyes as she pulled my arm towards her to make me stop. I had been avoiding everyone for the day; Jacob, Chris, Melody, Liam and Paul. I didn't even have to try and avoid Chad, he'd been doing a pretty good job of that himself.

"Nothing," I replied hollowly, not even interested in talking with her.
"No, you are telling me what's wrong, right this instance. First Layla came crying to me because Chad had shouted at her, then he literally pushed me away when I tried..."

My mind drifted away as soon as I heard Chad's name. Chad. One of my closest friends. I had always supported him, and yet I wasn't ready to support him in this situation. But I couldn't loose my superhero status just because of this silly infatuation of his with finding out Superheroes who went to his school. He had to believe that none went here, otherwise he'd try to make other people believe too, and then maybe all those people combined would find us. Us. I had declared Jacob my boyfriend, but was this that easy enough? I mean I had hated him for my entire life. Maybe these were just teenage hormones acting; after all we had been left in each other's company a lot. Company. What was I supposed to do about Akhila? Something stemmed wrong and yet I wasn't able to-

"Are you even listening to me?" Melody asked me, shaking me angrily, a hard glint on her face.
"Yeah, I a-"
"No, don't lie to me Ro. I know you. Don't you even dare. I don't know what is wrong, but I can't make it right without knowing what it is. And then you're topping it off with your 'I'm-so-mysterious' attitude, never telling me anything properly, always disappearing off. And now you've even started hanging out with Jacob, when I know you hate him. Then Chad is angry and I don't even know why! Can someone give me an answer for gods sake?!" She asked me, ranting off all her anger on me.

I felt my anger starting to boil up however. I already had a lot of pressure on me and she didn't even try to understand. She didn't even try to understand that maybe there was a reason I couldn't tell her. She didn't understand how badly I wanted to tell her, get some advice, and get this horrible, horrible burden off me. She didn't et how terrible I was feeling. She had no right to scold me, when I was already suffering. No. She didn't.

She gave a bitter laugh.
"You still don't get it, do you?" She asked me with a tired and mocking smile on her face. That smile reminded me even more of Akhila and her attitude of calling me dumb. I was not dumb. No. They had no right to call me dumb.

"You don't get it Melody!" I exclaimed as my anger burst out and I wasn't able to control my mouth.
"What do I not get?" She asked me back, throwing her hands out, the fury in her eyes matching mine, with a frustrated expression on her face.
"You don't get it, that I can't tell you!"
"Why can't you tell me Rose? Am I not your best friend? Huh? Aren't we? I thought you were my friend! And you can't even tell me anything!" Melody began shouting exasperatedly. Everyone in the canteen began staring at us, but I was too angry to care.

"Do you even know how difficult it is for me Mel? I want to tell you! I can't! I have no choice! I feel so burdened and I- I'm bursting, but I can't! Use that thick head of yours for once for God's sake!" I slumped back into my seat, exhausted. I had told her what I thought. Unfortunately, I had made Melody very angry.

"I'm the dumb one? I'm the dumb one? At least I don't act mysterious because I just want attention on me!" She snapped back, her dam opening, and all her anger making her blurt out words that she couldn't say to me.

"What?" I asked, hardly believing my ears. My aghast expression must have said it all, because Melody gave a short bark of laughter, a sad one, a pathetic attempt.

"Yes. That's what everyone thinks. A person only striving for attention. Stringing along Zed, when you don't even like him, because why else would you keep on saying no to him? Do you know how many girls there are pining for him? How they can't even try, because you never give a definite answer. You're a selfish girl, Rose, you are. You only think about yourself."

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