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My Life as a Teenage Superhero by ninadetroit
My Life as a Teenage Superheroby Nina Detroit
Leon is the son of two world famous superheroes but all he wants to be is normal. Sapphire is the only superhuman ever to exist in her entire family history and all she...
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The League by Kelsea_Dove
The Leagueby Kelsea Dove
Phoenix Anderson has been avoiding the League of Superheroes for one year. He's not sure why he's avoiding the good guys, but then again, there's a lot he doesn't know. ...
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Brothers In Arms (Batfamily) - Completed by Lea_Selina
Brothers In Arms (Batfamily) - Léa
*Currently being edited* A new gang war bursts out in Gotham City between Red Hood, Black Mask and a new gang leader, Matt Jensen. Jensen and Black Mask seem to have cr...
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Believe in the Impossible ϟ The Flash by chelraychicago
Believe in the Impossible ϟ The Rachel
Rose Parker has spent her whole life in chaos. After a year of traveling, Rose has come home to Central City. She wants to break down her walls and open herself up. And...
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Absent Spark by sleepdreamwrite
Absent Sparkby sleepdreamwrite
Grace Shields is always in the shadows. But it was only for her protection. She comes from a long line of superheroes, each assigned with the task of protecting the crim...
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Revenge (Batfamily) - Sequel to Brother In Arms by Lea_Selina
Revenge (Batfamily) - Sequel to Léa
They thought all the drug trafficking had been stopped. They were wrong... ---- One year after the end of the gangs war in Gotham, a group of terrorists lay hands on a s...
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The Undoing Of Heroes | ✓ by earlyatdusk
The Undoing Of Heroes | ✓by cleo ツ
Heroes. Ever since they showed up, people have gone soft. They're adored, worshipped. Devotion is showered upon them like rain. It's about time someone knocks them off t...
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Iris Cobalt *ON HOLD* by CookiezAndCreamstarb
Iris Cobalt *ON HOLD*by papi chulo
*Recommended for 14 and up* ----------------------------------------------------------------- Iris Cobalt seems like a normal teenage girl with a quick tongue and even f...
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Secret Super by left_andwrite
Secret Superby M.
Kara is training to become a superhero at the Academy of Supers. So far, she's stuck with a snobby sidekick, boring missions, and too many rules. Craving glory and adve...
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Running Out of Time (Barry Allen/ The Flash fanfiction) by agent_april
Running Out of Time (Barry April Marie
7/30/16: #371 in Fanfiction 8/3/16: #362 in Fanfiction 4/23/17: #372 in Fanfiction 5/--/18: #2 in #theflash 6/- -/19: #7 in #theflash 8/28/19: #1 in #dccomics She can co...
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M.G.M: Magnificent, Glorious & Me by JayDioncelEvers
M.G.M: Magnificent, Glorious & Meby Jarrick DeWaine Exum
Tavion Bentley is not a happy junior at Northeast Polk High School. His meddlesome mother and older sisters have arranged for him to not only be the sidekick of Mr. Magn...
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The Enhanced by Toxic_Wonderland
The Enhancedby M. K a n e
A tale in which four kids with daddy issues and strange abilities fight the people hunting their kind. ♘ Selected by Hulu as a Story Featuring Strong Women ♘ Ranked #6 i...
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(#1) Roommates by Day, Enemies by Night by visheretowrite
(#1) Roommates by Day, Enemies v i o l e t
WARNING: CONTAINING AMOUNTS OF SASS PREVIOUSLY UNKNOWN TO MANKIND In the city of NYC--- Ok. Hold up. First of all, New York City. What, are ya gonna assume everyone here...
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Freaks by elysiani
Freaksby ♕ Carmen ♕
EMERSON SPARKE'S RULES ON HOW TO BE NORMAL: 1. Avoid having a secret alter ego to cover up the fact that everyone you used to know thinks you're dead 2. Don't accidenta...
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Beginner's Guide to Being a Superhero by almiti
Beginner's Guide to Being a v i a
When you're a Superhero, you're not supposed to team up with the bad guy. Oh well, I suppose rules were made to be broken. -unedited Highest r...
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The Vigilante's Handbook by thespacedork
The Vigilante's Handbookby M
The first rule of Superhero School: Don't call it Superhero School. Anna Green is not good at Superhero School. In fact, she's the worst student at Paramount Lake Academ...
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OUR BELOVED ASSASSIN // t.s daughter ((1)) by thestarklegacy
OUR BELOVED ASSASSIN // t.s johannes
[Book #1 of Stark's Assassin Daughter] This is no common Tony Stark's daughter book you've ever read. This is not about a genius daughter following her father's ability...
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The Demon Of The Night [EDITING] by MaskedParkers
The Demon Of The Night [EDITING]by 𝓜𝓪𝓼𝓴𝓮𝓭𝓟𝓪𝓻𝓴𝓮𝓻𝓼
After a series of brutal murders occur and men begin disappearing around Gotham City, Barbara Gordon begins her own investigation into who- or what- is behind this. Howe...
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GIRL OUT OF TIME║ BUCKY BARNES by marveloushunterelf
steve knows two things for sure. one, holland is alive and two, hydra has something to do with it. ❝i won't tell you what we were because i don't remember anymore.❞ ...
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Above All Shadows [Loki Timetravel fic - Completed] by wedgetail_blue
Above All Shadows [Loki Alexis J
"The plan failed. Nebula's dead, Thor captured - Stark" After the Infinity War, the Avengers made one last attempt to take down Thanos. They failed. Loki, stra...
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