Chapter 14- Part 1: All's Fair in Love, War And Superheroes.

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Please read the prologue again! It's pretty important for this chapter!
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Please read the prologue to remember!!
It's kinda important for this chapter!
"Everyone in position?" I asked to the watch, which was supposed to be a walkie-talkie. It really felt weird.
"Yes," Jacob replied back, equally politely and emotionlessly. I always knew we had the capability of becoming robots.
"You're killing me now, guys," Chris sighed from his end.

It had taken Chris ten minutes to figure out something was wrong. Maybe it was the fact that Jacob and I were ignoring each other until it was necessary to speak, or maybe the fact that we called called each other only as 'Black' and 'Danger'. Maybe it was the fact that we were actually civil with each other, talked pretty politely and without any emotion. I don't know. I mean, we have always been very polite and nice. I don't thinks anyone would dream of saying that we were ill mannered.

Okay, maybe it wasn't true for Jacob. But I am always a picture of helpfulness and smiles, right?

"Are you at your station Gold?" I scowled at the watch, not in a mood for any nonsense. Okay, maybe I wasn't always smiles. But that was very rare. Really.

Do you think I would lie to you? I would never! Don't even think like that about me.

"Yes, I'm at my station. Are you guys going to ignore each other the whole day?" Chris's voice filled the air. I pressed my lips into a thin line, refusing to answer that uncalled comment. Apparently Jacob also had the same idea, because no comment came from his side as well.

When Chris got no reply, he continued, "I mean, it's a bad thing- definitely a bad thing- that such close friends are not talking to each other, but does this mean that you both won't argue for a while anymore?"

"No need to be so happy Goldilocks," Jacob muttered through the walkie-talkie.

"Report in every half hour," I said clearly into the walkie-talkie, looking around for any suspicious activity and ignoring them both.
"Got'cha," Chris replied, and I could feel him yawn, even though I couldn't see him.
"I will," Jacob replied politely.

I peeked above the so-called 'Monster Sunflowers' (I have no idea why they were named that.) I was kneeling behind, at the black lilies. I stared at them for a few moments before sitting down and sighing. There wasn't even any wind movement. This sure was gonna be a long day.

Maybe I could get some help...

I looked around at the trees in the garden. I spotted a sparrow on a tree near there. Calling it to me, I chirped with it for a while, asking it to inform me if anyone entered the area and tell all it's friends to keep an eye out too. Man, guarding a bunch of lilies made me feel stupid.

I know many people must be wondering why a bunch of teenage Super Heroes were guarding lilies. Why not the police or someone else?

The thing was that firstly, no one knew that black lilies existed. According to the world, black lilies had been a failed experiment which wasn't possible.

You may ask how we had gone to get interviews for the school when they didn't exist. Well, the world had been informed that black daisies were being stolen. Only the owners and SAE knew the truth. The truth was that black lilies were very rare. They were made artificially and costed billions of dollars. Then they had the ability to enhance the powers of a person. If a normal person was to take a bite of the flower, then they would either get a wonderful immunity system and never get sick, or one of their body function, such as eye sight would grow better, this creating a new race of super heroes.

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