Chapter- 21: Superheroes Never Find Their Augustus Waters.

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I stared at the scene quietly. The bush was missing. The whole bush. The black lilies were missing. Just vanished. Like there had been nothing there before.

It had been almost two weeks since we had caught Akhila, and nothing had happened. Nothing at all. And yet, somehow, these lilies had vanished.

I had asked Chris to make sure that they were guarded at all times, and after doing it himself for the first three days, he had assigned some of his sidekick friends to help him. Or Thunder had sent them to patrol when Chris had asked for help, or something like that.

They were missing. It didn't matter under which sidekick's eyes they had vanished- they were side kicks in training. It would be me and Jacob who would be blamed. We were the Superheroes.

"How could they just vanish," I asked Jacob, who still looked a bit groggy. It was around 1:30 am in the night. We had been called in by SAE. For a second I had thought that it was Melody, calling to be friends again. We fight a lot, but we always end up friends again. This was the longest we'd gone without talking. The whole weekend she hadn't said anything to me, and since today was Monday, I would find out at school who all were even talking to me at all.

I pushed the thought out of my mind for later- I had a bigger problem at hand.
"Believe me, I want to know the answer to the same question," Jacob said, scratching the side of his head absentmindedly. He didn't look all that worried- but that would obviously be because he had been sleeping and was still waking up.

"Windmill, we should go and tell Red," I told him, unable to remove my eyes from the side of his face. His lashes weren't that long, but his eyes were pretty. And I was a sucker for jawlines and dimples. Jacob didn't have dimples but he had one helluva jawline.

Damn. That jawline could cut a paper, it was as good as that of the Dolan twins. And he hadn't even shaved for a while now- I could tell from the stubble growing. It was kind making him look hot, giving him a bad boy kind of look.

"He already knows. I told him. He's on his way," Jacob replied glumly, adjusting his mask, unaware that I was staring at him like a creepy stalker. Well, I had a right to stare at him. He was my boyfriend after all. My boyfriend. I never had a boyfriend before. Zed and I were in a complicated mess, and well, I wasn't really allowed to date anyone who wasn't a superhero without due permission, which they usually never gave.

You might be wondering why I was thinking about such silly things when I should've been thinking about stuff like who could've done this and all. The truth was that that alternative didn't seem that fine.

"SuperTeens," Red's angry voice snapped at us from behind.
"We're in big trouble," I sighed.
"At least we're not alone Burn. We have each other," Jacob reminded turning around with me. He quietly shifted a bit more towards me so that our sides were touching and held hands.
"You're an amazing boyfriend, Windmill," I muttered through my breath.
"I know," came the reply and I held the urge to smile.

"What happened here? And how?" Red demanded.

"The lilies were reported stolen around 12:45am. The sidekick on duty called Chris after panicking, who called us after checking to make sure that the sidekick had checked properly. This was around 12:57am. Danger arrived at the crime scene at 1:06 am. I arrived by 1:10am. Meanwhile Danger had the sidekick on duty checking the surrounding areas while she flew in and around to see if she could see anyone near. Chris and I have been taking interviews of people to find out what they saw. Sir,"Jacob finished his answer seriously. I could see Red's jaw twitching a bit. He sure was angry.

"And what have you found Superhero?"Red asked Jacob.

"Sir, we found that it had apparently vanished between the time period of the sidekick turning around to check a sound out to him turning back, believing that it had only been an animal, and nothing to worry about. Basically, 2-3 minutes."

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