Chapter 10: The Superhero Pact Of No Killing.

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"Is it more comfortable there under the table Danger?" Chris inquired.
"No, of course not, idiot. Use your brain for once!" I hissed from under the table, sitting uncomfortably. Normally I'm not that grouchy, but this situation was justified.

No one ever builds desks according to people's height, do they? I mean, they while making a table they should at least ensure that a person can at least sit comfortably under a table. What if a person is hiding from a terrorist or something? The person would hide under the table obviously, but what's the difference between the terrorist and the table? Both of them cut your head off and give you loads of pain all over the body.

I groaned silently as my knee began to ache.
"Oh...Then may I ask why you are under the table?" Chris asked me in a casual manner, as if he was trying to act normal for someone in the psychiatric ward.
"Jacob," I announced, certain that he would get my point now.
"Uhuh, interesting. However now since you've seen that Jacob isn't there below the table, can you come out?" Chris said slowly, as if I was loosing my marbles.

I slammed my hand on my head and then winced. Boy, was my head going to hurt like this the whole day?

"Goldilocks, I'm willing to bet that you're the one who's spoiling the name of blondes."

"D? Shut up."

"I'm hiding from Jacob, not searching for him you idiot," I decided to tell him before he used his brain anymore. God knows how much he would need those precious brain cells he would waste on figuring out.

Chris's eyes widened as he understood what I said and slowly nodded.
"Well then-"

"Winters? Is Burn here?" Jacob's voice interrupted Chris from completing his sentence. I looked and Chris and shook my head before making a cutting of neck motion to ensure that Chris would listen to me.

Chris gulped and looked at Jacob.
"N-no- I haven't seen D," Chris managed to say.
"Then who were you talking to right now?" Jacob asked suspiciously.
"To my imaginary friend Blonde!" Chris smiled at him before trying to casually yawn, and make his lie look more natural.

I imagined shaking Chris to make him understand how horrible his lies were. Strangely, this activity was very refreshing.

"Right... Your imaginary friend Blonde. Where is she?" Jacob inquired.
"She's uh, hiding from you... Because she's very shy," Chris said, blurting out the first thing that came in his mouth. I wanted to pray to God for Chris's brain development.

"And where is she hiding?" Jacob asked with an angelic smile.
"Um... Under the table!" Chris squeaked, clearly panicking. I closed my eyes, ready to take action.

Goddamit, I'm going to shake some sense into that guy and then kill him. If I survive Jacob that is.

As I knew it would happen, the table above me vanished and Jacob appeared, cracking his knuckles.
I smiled sweetly at him.
"Hi there."
"Any last wish?"

I took that as my cue to run.
10 minutes later, I was sitting on a chair, with Chris besides me and Jacob facing us, on the other side of the table. A truce had been made on both sides, with Chris helping me by coaxing Jacob to live and let live and me screaming that he deserved it.

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