Chapter-29: Jaws Is Basically Based On Superheroes And Normal People.

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"I can hear you behind the door Gold. You forgot that I have Superhearing. You can come in and listen as well. I do not think so, but maybe I might be able to change your point of view as well," Jacob called out, his gaze still pined on mine.

Of course that's how Akhila and he knew that I was there!

The door opened and Chris warily looked around. He could see Akhila, and Jacob and me, but he wouldn't be able to see the table that Akhila was hovering behind the door.

I tried to tell him through my eyes, but I didn't think he saw it. My doubts were put to rest when he replied with a yawn, "I highly doubt it as well Jacob. Or Jay as I should say. And I'll come in, but I'll appreciate if Akhila will put a stop to whatever she's up to."

"Someone who knows me better than myself," Akhila gave a smirk and a wink, and the table casually flew down to the ground.
"All safe," she told Chris.
"I don't believe you," he rolled his eyes as if it was obvious that he wouldn't believe her.

"Too bad. Come inside," Jacob grunted and wind suddenly pushed Chris inside.
"Geez, thanks for the safe flight," Chris grumbled.
"Thanks for your vote of confidence. Though you were right. You shouldn't trust me," Akhila shrugged with a mocking smile.
And suddenly there was rope flying around Chris's hands and feet, tying itself up. Surprised and unable to balance himself, Chris fell down.
"He's my captive," Akhila fluttered her eyelashes at him prettily.
"Like I have another option," Chris mumbled. Which Akhila quickly quietened with a kick at the side.

"Whatever," Jacob sighed.
"What the hell happened to you, Jacob?" I whispered, putting a caressing hand on his face, with a heartbroken expression on mine.  I needed him distracted so that I could look for Melody and formulate a plan. But it wasn't like my heartbroken expression wasn't true, or the tears that were trying to escape my eyes weren't true.

I quickly glanced at Chris for a second and saw him quietly nod at me for a second before looking around.

"You'll understand Rose, I know you will," Jacob answered back to me in a whisper, hurt and raw hope present in his eyes.
" It all started when I was around eight- during superhero training. It was that day. The day when we first met, Rose. When we were paired for a trust exercise, and ended up annihilating the entire room. Later, after receiving our punishments, when we had been dismissed, I was sulking on a street; angry at the world and at you.

It was then that I met her. A young girl, not more than five years old. She was surrounded by some children who were beating her badly. Children are raw and that makes them cruel, doesn't it? They do not even understand half the time about what is going. They just join in. Perfect examples of sheep.

I rushed to save her. Due to our training I was able to beat most of the children- the rest ran away, scared. That girl's lip was bloody, with a huge gash on her head. There were scratches all over her body. I started talking to her and found out that the children had beaten her up because she had stolen some food from some child- because she was hungry. I was young then. It made so I was shocked to know that she had no parents and that she had run away from the orphanage because the people there used to beat the children. A mere 5 year old girl, out on the streets on her own. That girl was Akhila.

My head was full of ideals then; full of morals and mostly compassion. I was even more shocked that no superhero had flown over to save her. I promised her there and then that I would always be there for her- that I would be her hero.

I still do not know where she lived for the next few years, but she used to come outside my house everyday after lunch and dinner, and we would spend the whole day together. I could not have told my parents about her because they would've found her a foster house. And she would refuse to go there and run away. And then she would die. I knew it for a certainty that she wouldn't be able to survive on the streets for long.

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