Chapter 25:Superfights Be like Justib Beiber Vs. One Direction

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"Any luck?" Chris asked me as I came out of the window.
"You first," I told him complacently, "Anything in the garden?"
"Well, kind of- not something huge though," Chris admitted.
"Start talking," I told him, as I started taking off my mask once I made sure no one else could see us. I started taking off my costume's top.
"Whoa- Are we practising for strip club?" Chris asked me, shaking his head as he sighed in disappointment.
"You wish. I hope you're wearing something underneath because we're becoming normal people for once in our lives," I told him sternly.
"Yay," Chris said sarcastically as he took off his costume's shirt to reveal a hoodie underneath.

"How on earth did you manage to fit that underneath?" I asked as I stared at him in wonder.
"What? Never seen a guy wear a hoodie?" Chris asked me defensively. "Not under a sidekick's costume," I grunted, as I tugged my leggings. They were stuck on my jeans. As we huffed to take off our uniforms, I just prayed to God that no human or Superhero might catch us, for we would become the laughing stock of the whole world.

Soon we were done and were on our way, walking towards the road that lead us to Jay and Akhila's old house. Flying would've been faster, but Chris couldn't fly, and I felt that I might need him there.

"D., where are we going?" Chris asked me curiously, running to catch up with me as I made a sharp turn.
"You first, sidekick," I told him, mentally calculating how long it would take us more to reach the house.
"Aye aye, Captain," Christian grumbled. He started telling what he had found. Some other people who went from near the house had also seen Akhila and Jay. The only thing which surprised me was that even Jay had powers.

"So you're telling me that he could fly?" I asked incredulously.
"Yeah, according to the farmer who once saw him fly into the sky when Jay obviously thought no one was looking."
"Can we trust that this was not imagination?" I asked dubiously.
"Gee, no we can't. I mean, I only checked it with the farmer. If only we could talk to some birds like some sparrows or pigeons or something like  that who might have seen him and confirm that," Chris said sarcastically.
"The idea already came to my mind. I've already alerted some doves and sparrows to report to me if they ever find any of their specie members who've seen Akhila and Jay," I lied as my cheeks heated.
"Yeah right," Chris muttered under his breath.
"What was that Gold?" I asked rather harshly. Walking is a strenuous activity, especially for someone who was sides to flying everywhere. Don't blame me for being so harsh.
"I was just wishing my black soul a good day," Chris replied rather too brightly.

I would've reminded him of his stature, but we had reached Akhila and Jay's old house. I rang the bell.
"Why are we here?" Chris asked me tiredly. He might have not been just acting this time, I mean, we had walked a lot. Even I was a bit tired. Okay, a lot tired.

However the door began to open, before I could answer him. So, I took a deep breath and said to the stranger who had opened the door, "Hello Sir, we would like to enquire after the For Sales sign outside. I hope this beautiful house is not sold as yet?" I gave him a beaming grin.
"Yeah, she's always like this," Chris scowled at the guy.

"Uh, yeah, it is I guess?" The man said, looking a bit confused. I could not blame him. After all, it is not often that two teenagers turn up at your house, enquiring  after it's sale, one with a grin which seemed a bit lopsided and one with a scowl ready to kill someone, combined with messy hair and windswept clothes.

"That is so good!" I exclaimed rather too excitedly.
"Yeah, otherwise it would've been totally disastrous," Chris said in a bored tone.
"And who- if I may ask- are you?" The man asked us suspiciously.
"Mr. Hardinson, I am going to start college on this district soon. St. Marjorie? You might have heard of it? It's like in the top ten colleges-"
"You're getting off topic-" Chris muttered in my ear, as he gave another impressive scowl to Mr. Hardinson.

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