Chapter 16: Superheroes Have To Listen To Their Parents Too.

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I sat down at the dinner table beside my brother.
"Well, well, look who we have here tonight," said Dad.
"Pass me the dish please," I ordered Ishan, ignoring dad.
"Why should I?" Ishan demanded pettily. Why are all siblings so fucking annoying?
I took the dish from in front of Ishan and lifted the cover. Some weird potato dish. Gross. I wrinkled up my face and put it aside.

"Was the practice not good enough for you that you decided to join us low-class peasants?" Mom asked me with a small smile on her face.
"We shouldn't talk while we eat," I muttered as I picked up another dish. My stupid family sniggered at my response, but continued eating quietly after that.

I have so much to do today. After the family dinner, I tried to finish my homework as quickly as I could, but still ended up working till nine pm. I had work, work and work to do. So much work and so little time to sleep.

Closing my copies, I picked them up and reached towards my bag, stuffing the books in it.
"Mom?" I yelled loudly to be heard by her.
"What?" She yelled from below.
"I'm going to sleep," I replied loudly.
"Good night baby, sweet dreams," came the reply.

"Night bro," I called out.
"Night sis," came the reply.
"Dad? Good night!"
"Sweet dreams darling," he replied absentmindedly.

One would think that falling asleep at nine fucking pm would be a little hard for me. Was it though? No, not at all. Over the years, I had mastered the classic art of falling asleep anywhere and at any time that I felt like.

It was the waking up part that gave me trouble.

At 12:30 am, my eyes finally flew open and I sat up with a painful headache.
"Oh god, some one put an end to that unholy noise," I groaned, rubbing my head. I had put several alarm on my phone to wake me up since I usually switched one off and went back to sleep.

I stayed in bed for another half an hour, contemplating where I had gone wrong with my life before I decided to get up and have a quick bath before I left. Around 12:50, I was done with my school bag on my shoulder and school clothes in my bag. I was wearing my superhero outfit.

'Went early,

I scribbled a note and stuck it on the fridge. Yawning again, I went out to my motorbike and sat on it. I wheeled it out to the end of the lane and then started it. Accelerating, I was soon off, the dust kicked behind me.

Fucking work was ruining my life.

"Why are you so late," grumbled Jacob as I reached him.
I looked at him in disbelief and checked my watch again.
"I'm only one minute and thirty seconds late!" I replied in confusion.

"That's too long," Jacob snapped.
"You've been out here too long, you're losing your last few brain cells too," I snapped back.
"You have no idea," he muttered. I blink, mot expecting him to give up so quickly. Damn, he really must be tired. I shuffled my feet a little, still feeling kind of weird about his comments from earlier. I didn't know what to say now that he wasn't trying to argue with me.

"So, did you find out anything from the ice princess?" Jacob asked awkwardly as he stared at the sky, his feelings seemingly mutual to mine.
"Her name is Akhila," I replied, undoing my hair from the rubber band's hold and retying them.
"Akhila? That's a weird one," Jacob mused, lifting an eyebrow. "She told you that?"
"Nay, she told Goldilocks that," I muttered sitting down in the field full of flowers.

"She likes Chris?" Jacob asked, his voice amused as he looked at me.
"No, I think she hates him more than me," I said, smiling. Oh how wonderful it was that they would be seeing more of each other now.
"Uh oh, you're smiling. What did you do now?" Jacob groaned, although his eyes twinkled. Fucker always knows when I do anything at all.

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