Chapter 11: Superheroes Don't Have Time For Homework.

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When I woke up in the morning, it felt like the day was more brighter, the sky was more bluer and life was more vibrant. I literally sang as I skipped with Liam to our class. I was going to miss the gym today, and buy a car instead. A CAR. I could scream with joy.

As I twirled before entering the class, Liam shook his head at my antics and gave a laugh. Everyone had been giving me strange looks, not used to the person who hit bullies as a daily exercise skipping to her class and even going to the extent of hugging every other person. I didn't care. I couldn't wait for lunch to meet Melody and Chad and tell them. However, I had a bigger problem at the moment.
"What do you mean you were not able to do your homework, Ms. Derave?" Mrs. Kapoor questioned, glaring at me.

Hah! She didn't know that she was talking to the queen of liars! I was the biggest expert in lying, I swear.

I smiled at her, but saw no mercy in her eyes. My smile faltered a bit.
"I'm waiting, Ms. Derave.."
"Yes ma'am, the reason why I didn't do my work is," I took a deep breath, trying not to think about those unmerciful eyes before blurting out, "Jacob didn't do it as well!"

It isn't my fault. I mean, it is hard to lie to a teacher! They stare into your soul and break it down piece by piece until you just have to say the truth. I swear to god, teachers have this special power. Not even expert liars can bypass a teacher. Not even them. I've always said that the police would be better off by hiring teachers to make criminals speak the truth.

"Thanks a lot Derave," Jacob groaned from the other side. Liam tugged at my shirt a bit, probably wanting to know how the hell I knew that Jacob also hadn't done his work. I ignored him.

"Stand up Mr. Farret! So have you done your homework?"
"Uh, I was out to visit my sick grandmother yesterday?" Jacob asked, his answer feeling more like question.
"Really Mr. Farret?" Mrs. Kapoor stared at him, but it felt more like she was glaring into his soul and breaking it piece by piece. Poor Jacob, I wanted to shake my head in pity.
"Paul didn't do it either!" Jacob blurted out. Paul sighed as he stood up. He cracked his knuckles. What a badass.

Yeah, and pigs can fly.

I snorted before I could help myself. Everyone was too busy watching the showdown between Paul and Mrs. Kapoor to notice and I thanked my lucky stars. Only Jacob shook his head at my stupidity, but who cares about him?
"Nothing new, Mr. Meyers. I should have expected this. I don't think that you actually deserve to sit in this class-"
" I've been meaning to ask you a question Mrs. Kapoor," he said solemnly, interrupting her in mid-sentence.

"Is that so? Well, you may proceed with your question if it is related to the topic we are studying," Mrs. Kapoor said in surprise.

"Yes, it is related. We study about psychology in a psychological class, do we not? Well ma'am, homework brings stress in a student's life. We, as modern teenagers are already filled with a lot of stress, what with all the pressure from our peers, trying to reach our parent's expectations, living up to the society's expectations, and studying for school tests. When we add homework to this already stress filled life, it brings us to several problems. Why do so many students have drinking or drug problems? Homework! Why do so many students get depressed? Homework! And there are many more such problems. We, as psychology students, should try to abolish this horrendous, horrendous crime instead of allowing it to ruin the lives of so many students, who crack under pressure. We must take the first step and start the protest!" And with this passionate speech, Paul climbed the table and shouted, "No more homework!"

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