Chapter 6: Superhero Lives Are Like Masterchef.

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"I'm sorry Lo that I have to cancel our plans, but you know that I have training today, along with gym, and let's not forget to mention school work!" I grumbled using my head and shoulders to hold the phone while I opened my gym locker.

"Yes Melody, I know, I know, I know that I rarely spend time with you guys, but by now you should be used to it!" I snapped, frustratedly as I took out my gym spare clothes.
"No Melody, I don't do bunking-
Ok, ok, I know, but I don't have to do international competition practices at school that I would have to go every time!" I transferred the phone to my other hand, while a girl at the end of the room started to look at me curiously.

"Mel, I promise that I'll save this Sunday- yes Sunday, I have a competition coming up so I have to practice everyday, be happy I'm leaving Sunday for you!"
I banged the locker close angrily.
"I'll try to come to the parties on Saturday, no promises. You know- YOU KNOW THAT IT'S TIRING." I yelled as Melody cut me off in the middle. I looked around and saw that many people had begun to stare at me.

I'm so pretty that no one can take their eyes off me. I always knew it deep inside my heart.

I started to whisper, "Lo, I'm sorry, but I can't help it. I'm going to be really busy for a month or so, but I can't do anything about-"
I listened to her argument and my face became red with anger.

"Woah! I'm the one who only cares for herself?" I asked her incredulously, "Bullshit! Melody, look who's talking. I trying to get time for us to spend together even though I don't have any, and you're blaming me," I listened to her, my eyes growing wider every second.

"Ok, you know what? You don't- what? Oh really? Fine, I don't want to be friends with a brat too." I cut the phone before she had a chance to say anything. Turning towards the other side, I saw everyone looking at me.
"What?" I demanded. Everyone suddenly became very interested in their own lockers.
"Good." I muttered, as I marched towards the punching bag, in no mood for warm up exercises.
"Well, it looks like you kids have done a good job of this floor." Red said proudly, while Thunder mumbled "Too fine to be true" suspiciously.

"Well sir, I wouldn't like to take credit, but I think I managed it pretty well." I replied modestly, ignoring Thunder's comments.

"You managed it pretty well?" Jacob asked incredulously, as Chris mumbled "Here, we go again."
"Yes, I think I should take at least half the credit-"
"Do you remember the crow outside Chris?" Jacob asked innocently, a glint in his eyes.
"Do you mean the black one?" Chris yawned.

"Don't- "
I was interrupted by Red, "A crow, you say Jacob?"
"Jacob did a lot of work yesterday, more than me to be truthful, I don't think he'll be able to answer that question sir, he's too tired." I grumbled.

We'll get even later, Windmill.

"Answer the questions you're asked Danger." Thunder replied sternly.
"Reply Black." Red said.
"No sir, I think I must have imagined it, right Chris?"
"Yup, there were only flamingoes outside." Chris said, boredly.
"I wouldn't even try to understand him Sir" I said respectfully to Red.

Red, liking my attitude, closed the case and said "Well, in that case, a job well done. Here is your mission." He handed Jacob a file, and continued "Best of luck SuperTeens, I'll see you later." With that, we all stood and saluted each other as Red left our office.

"You better have done this all yourself." Thunder said, as she also left our room.
"Well, that was managed pretty well, I must say." I smiled at the end other two.
"Danger, you look like you're going to strangle someone, don't smile." Jacob replied as Chris gave us another yawn.

"Oh shut up Black, I'm in no mood for this right now, let's get to business." I said irritated.
"Whatever. I don't care about what's crawling up your butt." He sniffed. I started to laugh.
"Is there something wrong with her?" Chris asked Jacob, giving me a look.
"What isn't wrong with her?" Jacob replied smartly.

Wannabe Nerd.

I started laughing again as I imagined Jac-ass as a nerd.
"There is definitely something wrong with her." Chris said as he agreed with Jacob.

"Ok, so firstly, Chris, your name." I said, ignoring his comment.
"Midas." He instantly replied, almost sleeping.
"Umm, I don't think so..." I said as Jacob also agreed with me, "Yeah man, it's pretty unoriginal."

"Hey! I like it." Chris said indignantly, "and since when did you two start agreeing?" He asked.
"Since you started choosing weird names." Jacob replied instantly.
"It's not weird!" Chris protested.

Jacob and I began to stare at Chris.
"Seriously guys?" Chris groaned, as we continued staring.
"But what else can I take as my name? I mean I don't have any ideas, in fact I bet if you guys can get any name better than that, I'll take it." He said, pretty sure we wouldn't be able to answer.

"I'm glad you asked, from now on, you're Gold." I told him as Jacob wrote it down in a file.
"No! But-"
"Jacob, what's our mission?" I interrupted Chris.

"We have to find out where all the prized Black Lilies- which are endangered by the way- are vanishing off, There is an uproar in the city due to this. We have to figure out who is stealing them and why, get the person and we're done!" Jacob said seriously.

"Ok, so tomorrow, I need a list of all the people who grow these lilies, and interviews with them."
" Let me decide too!" Jacob said crossed.
"Fine, you say what else." I snapped.
"Well, whatever Rose said, and I think I know how to get those interviews. Plus, Chris, I need you to search and tell me when this all started and all information related to them by tomorrow." Jacob added.

"Ok, well, see you guys tomorrow, 3:30 pm sharp." I said seriously. We all stood up, and Chris, a bit grumbly, but a bit seriously nodded, and went towards Thunder's room, for side kick training or something while Jacob flew out of the window with me.

"What have you got in mind?" I asked him, curious to know how he was going to get us the interviews.
"I'll tell you tomorrow." He smiled mysteriously, as I sighed and went towards my car, stretching my arms.
Tomorrow was going to be a long day.
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