Chapter 17: Superheroes Hate Responsibilities.

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I stifled yet another yawn as I stared at the lilies. Who had come up with this horrendous plan? Who? Watching the last batch of lilies left which were to be stolen the next Monday was ridiculous. Stupid superheroes, not even relaxing for a day or two, just in case. I mean, when the villain was going to come on this Monday since that was the time table he/she was following, why would they just come randomly on any other day?

But nooo, stupid superheroes have to be precautionous (is that even a word?). How could they actually follow what logic stated?

"Stupid idiots," I muttered under my breath. Superheroes were idiots, all of them proud and mighty, none willing to back down or take claim on a fault. They believed themselves to always be correct, after all, they were Superheroes, they made world-changing decisions everyday.

I was reminded of a certain superhero who was always trying to prove that he was capable of making good decisions. A certain someone who's lips had been on mine just an hour ago. I groaned, lowering my head into my hands. I try closing my eyes in hopes of erasing the images forming in my mind, the feel of the silky hair which I could still feel in my hands, the swollen lips grinning, their image still imprinted in my mind. His eyes had been shining bright, somehow his smile making even his eyes brighter and lighter. His whole face was affected by the way his mouth was. If he smiled, his face lightened up, and if-

Stop. I had to stop. Even if I thought it was useless to guard a bunch of lollies that wouldn't even be stolen that day, I still had to perform my duty. After all, what kind of a superhero sat mooning over a boy instead of saving the city? Not a very good one would be the answer.

And not to mention the complications this caused. Being in love was alright, but didn't I like Zed just a few hours ago? Hadn't I even submitted a form to date him? Hadn't he asked me to date him thrice already and promised to wait till I was ready? I mean, it was Zed we were talking about. He was so shy, how did he even get the guts to ask me, and that too, thrice?

Plus, if we dated, the complication of whether we would save the city or each other if there was a choice came up. Superheroes had a tough life. We always had to put ourselves second and the city first.

And not to mention the fact that it would be looked down upon by the superhero society.

"This is so stupid," I groaned, banging my head in my hands. Ah well, I wasn't even sure if I liked Jacob. I mean, we teenagers have hormones, you know? This would've happened sooner or later. Stupid superheroes put too much trust in a bunch of teenagers.

"To hell with Superheroes," I grumbled, lying down beside my bag and the lilies. It was around four in the morning. Chris would be there soon. I started making fireballs in my hands and playing catch with them. Until one accidentally slipped and hit the grass. A fire started.

"Oops..." I muttered, snapping my fingers and making the fire subside. Trust me to torch a patch of grass which would sure be expensive. I mean, these people were rich. Their houses were huge, even their flowers were expensive. Bet you, their grass would also be expensive.

"Shit," I muttered as the smoke cleared and revealed a patch of ash. Thank god, it wasn't close to the lilies or else I would've been screwed.

"I'm here with the terror of the nights," Chris announced miserably, dropping down beside me. I stifled a small scream inside my mouth- he'd scared me there for a moment.
"Terror of nights?" I asked, standing up and brushing off imaginary dust off me.

"He would be referring to me," Akhila said graciously, sitting down beside Chris.
"And she is here because...." I hinted at Chris to complete the sentence.
In answer, he just raised his right hand up. Which made Akhila raise hers too.

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