Chapter 13: Superheroes Go To The Gym A Lot.

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"Hey Bestie!"
Melody's chirp voice greeted me as I got off my motorbike. Opening the helmet's lock, I took it off.

"Hi Lo," I greeted her back, opening my hair to tie them into a neater pony. Satisfied with my work, I turned towards Melody, and gave her a grim smile. Melody had been literally skipping towards me, but seeing my grim smile, she stopped in the midst of her steps.

"Ro? What's wrong?" She asked me cautiously, her eyes showing an expression of concern.
"Jacob," I said blankly.
"Oh." she nodded in understanding, continuing, "He's a stupid idiot Ro, don't worry about him. Whatever he did, you'll teach him a lesson for it. Like always. And I'll have your back."

Melody smiled at me warmly and with faith. That's what I love about her. Even though I haven't told her anything about how Jacob and I know each other, she know's that there's a history between us both, and we still don't like each other. She understands that there somethings that better remain unknown.

"Well, where are Chad and Liam? I thought today was bestie day?" I asked her, my emotions controlled, and my face showing none.
"Chad came with me in my car... He's gone to get Liam, who's apparently at the bus stop."

"Who are now here," Liam said, grinning as he put his arm around Melody, who laughed out.
"Since we're here, let's get this party started!" Chad's smooth voice boomed in my ear as he slipped a hand around my waist and one across Liam's shoulder. I grinned and shouted, striking a pose with one hand raised swishing my hips, "This our party, we can do as we want!"

Many people went over to the other sidewalk, gazing at us strangely, used to teens yelling and screaming on a daily basis, but finding us crazy. The perks of living in a huge city.

"Shut up," Melody slapped me, narrowing her eyes jokingly, "I hate Miley Cyrus, dude."
Chad pulled her cheeks and cooed, "Aww.. Jealous of her fame and game babe?"

To which Melody replied by slapping away his hands and punching him. Liam laughed at their antics, his eyes filled with tears. Chad and Melody shared look and nodded. Chad ran and jumped on top of Liam, causing him to fall. Melody joint them on the top, all three groaning and laughing.

I grinned and screamed, "And now for the hurricane!"
With that, I ran and slammed on top of all three of them.


That was the first thought that entered my mind. Of course, jumping on top three people would hurt. But it sure was fun.

With loads of groans and rubbing of sides, we all fell of each other. Liam was literally red and purple all over. When we sat up, we all started laughing, tears running down our cheeks and laughter clogging our throats.

I loved them all so much.
"Remind me why we're at the gym again," Chad whined as he did another push up.
I ignored him as I kept on doing more push ups and counting, "167,168,169.."
"Because since we three, being the idiots we are, decided that Ro could choose what we did today," Melody sardonically said.

"Rose, why do you like the gym so much?" Liam whined as he reached down again to touch the floor.
"Push ups done! Now, time for some treadmill," I grinned, choosing to ignore Liam. I jogged towards the treadmill and started running. Some muttering amongst the three of them occurred after which Melody came and stood in front of the treadmill.

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