Chapter 30: The End.

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Let me tell you one thing.

Never help anyone.

It raises expectations. It raises hope. People start believing that you can help them with anything. It might feel amazing in the beginning but it does turn you into a cynical depressed psycho maniac.

Go on. Tell me that I'm exaggerating. But believe me, I am an expert in helping. And I hate it. Why?

Because even when we help, we remain humans. Surprised? I bet you thought that you turn into God while helping. News flash: it ain't true. Nope. You might feel like you're God, but you certainly are not God.

And so you are capable of making mistakes. And even a single mistake can help make thousands of people hate you. Even though you were helping them.

Now imagine helping others being your job. Imagine having to do it even though everyone who you're doing this for hates you. Imagine not being able to quit because you just wanted to help and now you just want to prove that your intentions were good. Imagine not being allowed to quit even if you want to.

That's what being a superhero is. If by any chance you ever turn out to be a superhero, get out of this galaxy at the first chance you get. I mean it. Get out of this galaxy. Because SAE will find you wherever you are on this planet. Because we have superheroes who can live in space. Breath underwater. Fly at the speed of lightening. Control the planets- even the stars. I don't think anyone who can control a whole galaxy has been discovered yet, so just get the heck out of here.

Because being a superhero might just mean betraying your boyfriend. Making a guy with good intentions look bad. Get a little girl arrested. Having scars which can't be healed.

I wasn't able to focus on what Chris was doing, but from the corner of my eye I could see him turn a table -which Akhila was flying towards him- into gold so that Akhila would have to drop it because of its sudden shift in weight.
All this while he was running towards the bushes and Melody at the back.

Meanwhile, I was having a tough time with Jacob. Our kiss had stunned him enough for me to punch his nose, sweep my leg out in a circle as I went down to dodge his wavering punch, thus making him stumble and fall flat on his face. But then he struck back as he used his powers to push himself backwards and out of my reach.

I cursed as I sent a volley of fireballs towards him, most of which he dodged before doing a backflip and standing up. He sent an air wave and all the fireballs turned towards the left, that is towards Chris.


I ran towards Chris, confident that I would be able to save him.
"Move," I shouted, my eyes unwavering from the fireballs as I jumped in their path and made a protective circle with my arms- that is, a circular wall of fire which consumed all of them. I gave a quick glance towards Chris to see that he was safe before tumbling onto Akhila.

She gave a quick shout of surprise and hurt before suddenly I was flying in the air.
"I didn't want to do this to you, Rose," Jacob shouted at me before waving his hand. I slammed into the wall, again and again and again. My vision began to grow hazy. I had to do something and fast.


Suddenly I fell down, crashing into the ground loudly. I looked up to find a really loudly cursing Jacob rolling on the floor, holding his head. I looked up to see Melody standing with a hammer in her hand.

"Melody?" I asked, confused.
"Oh Rose, are you fine?" She asked me in concern. I almost wanted to laugh at the irony. Rather, ironies.
"Are you fine Lo?" I asked her, standing up.
"I'm fine," she lied to me. I could see her hands shaking and the horrific glance on her face as blood drops fell off the hammer she was holding.
"You have to get out Melody. Take as many bushes with you as you can. But get to SAE headquarters- you'll be safe there. They'll let you in when they see you with the bushes. Go, hurry!" I told her urgently. Jacob was rising again, although he was still stunned a bit and was rubbing his head. Akhila and Chris were fighting in a corner with Chris turning Akhila's shoes into gold as she tried to stop him by throwing random stuff on his head.

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