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*Leon pov*

Me: You really wanna know what that asswhole has done!- I shoted i could tell my mum wasn't inpressed by the way i'm talking but i couldn't controll my self and she just sighned.

Lmum: Leon don't call you brother that. Yes i would like to know whats going on if you don't mind telling me.- I look over at tomas and he had a pleeding look on his face he didn't want me to tell mum but i just turned back to mum and sore that dad was right behind her hugging her.- So?

Me: Well ok remember when Tomas said that he had a girlfreind last year but we didn't get to meet her.- I asked and mum and dad nod there heads and give me the look that tells me to carry on.- Well She is my age so 3 years younger than him and they weren't actually that happy as you would think cause tomas rapped her.- They had a shocked faces and mum started shaking her head.- You wanna know how i know that you know violetta my girlfreind that i've been with for the past month?- i asked them and both of my perants nodded there heads.- Well thats her she met tomas in spain last year and he was her first boyfreind. I always wondered why she was so distanced with me but it's cause of Tomas shes scared that shes going to get hurt like that agin and sorry mum but i couldn't hold it in when i found out.- I finished i mum just ran up to me and pulled me into a tight hugg i relly don't konw why not like it's gonna change anything.

Lmum: OMG! Leon is vilu ok! Tomas how could you.................. How could do something like that to such a nice girl as her.- she said it while still hugging me and shaking her head at tomas. My dad just stood there looking at tomas. He was literally bright red.

Sorry guys i couldn't update for so long. I'm back now and I'm gonna update more often.

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