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*Leon pov*
Violetta is or was really mad at me. She's not answering me, I don't know if shes going to say yes or no. If she says no in literally going to have a mental melt down. I love here and I don't know why I did it......i'm such a jerk she probably doesn't want to look at me.

* vilu pov*
He looks worried and thats what I want that. If he thinks I'll say no and I say yes there's going to be better than when I just say yes.

Me: oh I don't date jerks- as I said that he had a sad face but than turned into a smirk I think he knows what I mean.

L: But you kiss that jerk plus you love him.- Leon got a tighter grip round my weighst.

Me: but I ne- Before I could finish I was cut of By his lips and I new exacly what he ment, I kissed him back straight away.

L: I love you vilu and I take that as a yes.

Me: Oh shut up and just kiss me.

He Tightened his grip again and was kissing me harshly but passionately. I love him and I kiss back I get that feeling in my stumarch that I always get when he kisses me. He asked me for entrance by bighting my lower lip, cause he new I wouldn't give him entrance easily wich makes me moan.
He slips his taungue in my mouth and after I did disame. He grabbed my thigh and started rubbing it, going up and down. Then lifted me up and carried me to the bed without separating from the kiss. After the puts me down He lifts one of my legs up so that it's on his back and rubbes my thighs again and with the other one he makes circles on my back. He takes my boble out my hair and stop kissing me, and stairs down at me.

L: Your so beautiful Angel, you need to understand I love you and only you I can't live without you. Don't ever leave me.- he wisperd while still staring at me from the top.- I'm serious will you forgive me and be my girlfriend again?

Me: But this is never going to happen again.

L: Never Just help me change violetta and be mine. I love you and I never felt like this with anyone before you.- I could see he really meant it and even though it was quite dark in the room I could he his hazel eyes have that sort of a twinkle in his eyes thisame twinkle that he had the first night when I was at his house the first time he told me he loved me.

Me: Well then lock the door- he looked at me really confused but then grined.

L: Someone's up for a bit of fun tonight. I see.- then I nod and he goes up to the door and locks it.

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