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*Vilu pov*

Leon:vilu what's up you can tell me- he says while rubbing my back.

*dream flashback*

Me; leon please what have I done- he keeps on hitting be until everything goes black

*end of dream*


Leon: Violetta what the fuck happened to you why were you screaming- he said a bit louder and a bit harsh

Me:like you even care what happens to me.

Leon: Violetta if it's about this morning I already said sorry to you and that I didn't mean it.- he says getting sad.

Me:Leon prove that you really mean that your sorry.- i said with a smirk on my face that's wied usually it would be the opposite way round

Leon didn't say anything so I think he's not gonna prove anything to me but then I feel a hand on my arm so I turn around. Leon look at me with a smile that was turning into a smirk right now.

Leon: you really want me to prove it to you- as he asks I just nod.

I wonder What he's gonna do cause he's not moving or saying anything. I gess he's still think about something. Wait he's coming closer.....Is he gonna kiss me?should I let him or move away?but if I move it's gonna be awkward. But if I don't move I know it's not gonna end well.

I have to decide really quick because our faces are just a few inches apart so I have to make the dissension right know. I decide to let him kiss me he's eyes are closed so I close my as well, I can feel leon warm minty breath on my face. I realise that I want leon. Want him and never lose him but the thing is does he want disame. Or is he just playing a game with me?

I can finally feel our lips touching it feels like there's fireworks everywhere I love him but Im scared to tell him. What if he rejects me that will be super awkward inspecioly that I have to work with him for the next few week on our song.

We were already making out for like 15 minutes it's like our record. But we had to pull away cause we were just out of breath. I stear into this beautiful hazel eyes that no one can resist, and that stear back at me. I can se a smile formed on jorges face and I smile back. I can feel mu self blushing even though I don't know why.

Leon: does that prove it or not yet- he had that smirk again and I was wondering what he will do if I say no so why not.

Me: oh no that doesn't prove anything you were just kissing me you could as well just do that to any girl. Like literally any girl cause they all freak out when they see you- when I said that I realised that sounded a bit wied and I see that Leon seems sad now.

Me: Leon i didn't mean wh- I started but got cut of by him.

Leon: i Get what you mean it's fine put how are you gonna prove now to me that you didn't mean it.

Hi guys what do you think violetta should do to prove it to leon XoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoXoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoXoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoXJORTINIFOREVER

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