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*Vilu pov*

Omg. i love leon so freaking much, he won't belive it. I mean he just said he love's me in front of the howl school. I was still hugging him infront of everyone i didn't really care who was looking. I just wanted to be in Leons arms i love him and he loves me and he proved it. I wonder if he was scared i mean it's not easy to say you love someone infron the whole school. When i moved away i sore a huge smile on his face, like when a 5 year old gets candy floss i love him fo freaking much i'm going to explode.............Leon if officialy driving me insane/crazy.

me: Can we get out of her i want to be only with you for a while Boobear.- asim wispered  the beggining he was smiling but then after i said Boobear out loud he had a shocked face and everyone shouted Boobear to me they oviecly wanted an explenation.- I called him Boobear cause he's like a really big cuddly bear, that you never get bored og hugging. Plus he's mine now so i can call him what ever i want to. Oh girls don't get to close to him understood?

L:Oh Angel don't get jelous i'm only your Boobear.-He kissed my cheek and i felt that i was blushing like crazy. UUPPSS- By the way guys did you her that she's mine so don't get anywhere near close to her unless you want every single part of your body broken understood. - Well. Well look at that Mr over protective telling me not to worry bout the girls but he's threatening the guy's over her.- Angel do you want to get some ice cream or what ever?

me: Only if we get strawberry ice cream. - i said making my puppy eyes knowing he wouldn't resist them.

L: Strawberry times 2 it is then.-Then he grabed my hand and we realised that everyone was still looking at use with schoked faces.- what are you all looking at, haven't you got something better to do than stare at use.- And with that everyone turned around and got on with what they were doing before leon said he loves me.

Me: Cami, Fran, Maxi have to go see you later!- i screamed to them while walking with Leon down the hall still halding hand out fingers interlocked.

C,F,M: Have fun see you later!- They schouted and waved there hands at me and leon and we waved back. While they looked at leon eith a shocked face because he waved at them as well, i don't think he ever did that.

L: So what do you think should we go to the park grab some ice cream and hang about there.- His smile was huge and he had that twinkle in his eyes that i never sore.

Me: Sure did i tell you how much I LOVE YOU Leon your the best thing that ever happedned in my life as well. I love you, i love you and never forget that.- We were just staring at each other for a while after he let go og my hand and i looked shocked at him and thats when he kissed me.

The kiss wasn't like the previos one's this one was nice and slow, i could feel his soft lips on mine. This kiss was passionet, i could feel the love between use and i hope he never leaves me. Cause i won't leavce him. While we were kissing like that near the school actually in the cortner so no one sore use, i felt the butterfly's in by stomarch. I got this feeling everytime we were kissing, and i liked it a lot. I felt leon licking my lower lip asking for entrance but i didn't open my mouth just to teas him.-L:We can do it the hard way as well.- I kind of didn't get what he meant till i felt him bite my lower lip making me moan giving him entrance to my moth letting his tongue explore my mouth. Soon after i added mine but after 2 minutes as much as i didn't want to i had to try and stop myself.

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