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Guys sorry if this chapter is rubbish I haven't got any good ideas
*vilu Pov*
---------TIME SKIP-------

I was now on my way to leons how's I still can't believe that he's said sorry to me after class. His house was actually only 10 minutes away from my so right now I was stood infront of his huge house, I think it was three times bigger than my even though my is quite big as well. I decide to knock on the door and then I can see someone stood in front of me I look up and I can see these perfect hazel eyes, curled into a cuif hair he's just so perfect

Leon: Are you going to come in or are you going to stay out there for the rest of the night- he said with that stupid smirk on his face i

Me:Do you know what I think it was a mistake coming here we can always work on the song in school- I was about to leave when I felt someone grazing my wrist, and making me turn around as he does that I know it's Leon cause no one else would do it.

Leon:where do you think your going we have to work on the song and I'm not working on it anywhere else- he says getting angry.

He's so close to me write now that I could feel his breath on my face. I wanted to kiss him for some random reason I never had this why this time. Why with the guy that I know for one day and he already Hurt me.

Me: What will you do to me if I try to go hurt me again or worse just tell me so I'm ready for it!- I screamed I'm his face he looked pretty shocked that I did that.

*Leon Pov*
Omg violetta is getting really angry for some reason before she started to have a go at me, I wanted to kiss her so bad what is wrong with me! I never felt like that towards a girl I think I like her. What no Leon you can't. I cant like her but I do. Even the words that she said hurt me so bad. Did she really think I was going to hurt her? I actually feel really sorry for what happened this morning. What the fu*ck is happening to you Leon! Get a grip!

End of pov

*vilu pov*
I could see pain in leons eyes after I said that. But why? Maybe he's not always like that. The next thing I notice is him pulling me to the piano in the living room.

Leon:Just listen to the song and then go do what ever you want I don't care.-he said that looking down

He started to sing. Wait i know this song I dreamed it last night but how does he know it I just join in in the the chorus. After we finished we just gaze at each other.

Me+Leon: how do you know this......i dreamed it last night......What......stop it- we say in unison me and Leon had some sort of a connection. We both hurts out laughing for what we just did.

But then I don't even realise I slip some how and instead of hitting the hard floor I fall into two strong arms.
I look up and of course I see these hazel eyes wich emedietly melt me and we just gaze at each other. It's was silent but not awkward silence I liked it. But is he going to let me stand up or are we gonna stay like this forever. I cant get up my self because he's literally hovering over me and if I'll try to get up I'll probrbly end up kissing him. But wait he's coming closer..


i hope you liked it and sorry that I didn't update sooner say what you think do you like it or dislike it

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