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*vilu pov*

It's my first day at school like ever! I'm really scared that i will get bullied or that people will hate me and i'll be one of the loners that always stayes in the corrydor just doing homework. I might be a kind of a neardy tipe but not like as if i'm gonna learn stuff all day. It's 8 i have an hour to get ready for school so i get up, go and take a warm shower after that i put some clothes on (in media) and aplly some light makeup to go with it (mascara, eye liner, conceler, some eye shadow). I'm not sure about my clothes i don't want to seem to coocky but still i'll wear it today. By the time i've done all this it's already 8:30 so i go downstairs and want to have breakfast with my dad but of course he's already gone to work, i wish he would have some time for me as well. ramalo went with him mum is probably with them cause shes not here and olga is just being her usual self somnewhere in the hoes i can hear her singing my song, but i'm not sure where she is so i just join in:¿Ahora ya lo sé?

Lo que siento va cambiando

Y si el miedo ¿qué?

Abro puertas, voy girando

Pienso que no me doy cuenta

y le doy mil y una vueltas

Mis dudas me casaron,

ya no esperaré...

Y vuelvo a despertar en mi mundo

siendo lo que soy

Y no voy a parar ni un segundo,

mi destino es hoy

Y vuelvo a despertar en mi mundo

siendo lo que soy

Y no voy a parar ni un segundo,

mi destino es hoy

Y vuelvo a despertar en mi mundo,

siendo lo que soy

Y no voy a parar, (No quiero parar)

ni un segundo (No voy a parar...)

mi destino es hoy (No, no, no)

Y vuelvo a despertar (No voy a parar)

en mi mundo (No quiero parar...)

siendo lo que soy (No, no, no quiero parar...)

Y no voy a parar (No, no, no quiero parar)

ni un segundo, (No voy a parar...)

mi destino es hoy (No...!)

Nada puede pasar

Voy a soltar todo lo que siento, todo, todo...

Nada puede pasar

Voy a soltar todo lo que tengo

Nada me detendrá

After we finish singing En Mi Mundo i still don't know where Olga is so i just decide that i'll grab some toast and leave so i did it and went to shool by the time i got there it was 8:50. I start walking and looking around then all of the sudden i bump into someone. I thing it was a he i look up and i was right it was a boy he had hazel gold eye i know it seems wied and curls that studd there forming a quith. But ofcourse this moment doesnt last forever as he starts talking.

?:Is the little princess lost.

me:I'm Violetta so dont call me that

??: Dude leon who is that girl? Why you hanging out with her?

Leon:Well sweet heart i have to go, see you around

Omg i already hate this Leon so much i just can't stand boys that flirt with every girl thet gets in there way.

me: Don't call me that!

As soon as i said that he started walking towards me. What is he going to do to be, he went past me tripping me up so i fell as soon as he walked away i gess were not gonna get on. But wait a sec hes comeing back what does he want from me now.

Gusy what do you think about the first chapter of the is it any good hope you liked it. What do you think will happen next. What will leon do to violetta.


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