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*vilu Pov*

I was looking for leon..........i'm really worried what if something happened to him............What if he got drunk and he got in some sort of a bight or have and axident.......OMG where is he. I decide to go upstairs incase he fell asleep in one of the roomes. I check about five of them and then i walki into a really big one and see leon with that LARA! girl that was flirting with him before, OMG. I walk in quietly and they don't even realise it, i look at them and there doing it. How could he this morning he said that he loves me and now he does that to me. WHAT A JERK! I get tired in my eyes even though I don't want to. I'm so perfetic what did I expect from him, he bullied me like yesterday and it's not like he's going to change over night. He was the player, i'm so angry I can't control my self and shout how could he!

Me: I HATE YOU. WERE OVER NEVER COME NEAR ME AGAIN, I HATE YOU LEON AND IT WILL NEVER CHANGE! I REGRET FALLING FOR YOU, I DONT KNOW HOW I COULD HAVE BE STUPID ENOUGH TO EVER BELIVE IN WHAT YOU WERE SAYING.- The second they realised I was there they jumped out of bed and got dressed lara just left straight away that batch and she was laughing at me as well I can't stand he. Leon was just stood there facing me with regret in his eyes and pain while I was saying all these words to him. I know he was the player just yesturday but it was time for him to change and if not it's over for ever. After I finished shouting I sore that leon was walking up to me.

L; vilu pl- He started as I cut him of and he started reaching for me to grab hold of me but I moved back.

Me: DONT EVER AGAIN VILU ME UNDERSTAD DON'T TOUCH ME DONT TALK TO ME I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN.-he carried on walking towards me as I moved back.- Don't touch me what don't you understand Leon I want you out my life.- these words hurt me so much when I was saying them and I could see that they hurt him as well.

L: Let me explain please I love you- was this funny akording to him cause it wasn't for me he was just a heartless jerk.

Me: You love me that's why you did this. That's how you love me, cause if that's the way you love me I don't want that love. I hate you right now.

*Leon Pov*
These were the words that were going g through my head all the time. My Vilu my angel hates me. She was crying and it was all my fault. Why did I have to be such an idiot. Why did I even do this.

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