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There is going to be sexual contact in this chapter so if you will be traumatised or your too young to read it. Do not read it then! I did warn!!

*Vilu pov*
I don't know what got into me do do this but I just needed him right now. For some reason I wanted him right now even though I didnt like a few seconds ago. We were still kissing and he was making circles on my tongue with his wich felt amazing. I love him so much I can't belive it. Then he pulled away even though I didn't want to.

L: we should probably go home.- he said beeing out of beath after our makeout session.

Me: can't we just stay here I don't want to go home I actually told my perants I might be sleeping at your anyway so it's fine.

L: You told your perants your going out with me and that you might satay at my tonight.- he asked really shocked even though I didn't get why he was so shocked

Me: Yeah why wouldn't I I love you and I don't care what they think about you as long as we're together nothing matters apart from you.

After that he quickly pecked my lips and looked down at me again.

L: I love you more but are you sure you want this cause I don't want to make you think you have to do it cause of me.- he simed a bit worried about my disision but I just noded while I said yes he then smirked and noded this is going to be a fun night.

He leaned down and started to kiss my neck making me moan after he found my weak spot me sucked on it making me moan even more. He then started to head up kiss me along my jaw line and then on the lips, but because I was moaning cause of him he took advantage of that straight away put his taungue in my mouth.
He then undid my dress and pulled the dresse of me leaving me only my underwear. His hand moved up to my breast and then to the back of my bra not stoping use from kissing he undid my bra and took it of he then began circling around my napples making them stiffen and squeezing my breast making me moan into his mouth.( I will not give all the details this time).
And then it all happened I'm happy that I waited for leon cause he was amazing. Even though it was my second time it felt like my first time like the other didn't happen. I love jorge and he can be so cute.

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